Simple smart ways to enhance your android phone battery life

Simple ways to enhance your android phone battery life 

The modern smart phones perform like computers and therefore need high resolutions consuming more power because they need to perform multi tasks. Most of the devices are delivered by the manufacturers with Li-ion batteries with quick recharge feature but a long battery life may not be possible. Whichever the type of battery may be used, it will go down after a certain time but if we take some care we may increase this period. Following tips may be helpful to enhance the life span of all types of batteries –

Android phone battery saving

Maintain an ideal temperature

If the temperature goes above 300C, it is considered to be harmful to the battery and keeping the temperature below 300C will help to increase the battery life. A battery used at 400C and 600C respectively will loss its life span about 35 per cent and 40 per cent respectively. Therefore always try to save your device from high temperature and never leave it on a hot surface like a car dash board etc.

Switch on power saver mode

Power saver mode is very helpful for battery saving in android devices. If your device is in power saver mode, the power saver automatically comes in action when your battery charge level goes below 15 per cent and it closes all back ground apps, location trackers, sync activities to save battery. If your device is idle for long time this feature will automatically activates the deep slow mode which approximately doubles your stand by time of your device. The new android devices are equipped with power saver mode but if you are using an older device, you can install a third party app. However the inbuilt apps are much more effective than the third party apps.

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Use flight mode

Whenever we travel, it happens that for a certain distance we are in the range of a mobile tower and for the next distance where the previous tower’s coverage ends and we enter the range of another tower. This continues in long distance travelling. In such case our device has to search signals again and again which consumes battery. We can avoid it by activating flight mode.

Prefer premium apps instead of free apps

Whenever we install a free app we don’t have to pay any money but the vendors of free apps recover huge money displaying ads on our device. If there are no ads on a free app it is ok but you see ads, these may reduce your battery time by up to 2 hours and adversely affect your bandwidth and processor. The cost of apps is very low in the market therefore there is no reason to consider free apps instead of premium apps.

Maintain ideal charge condition

Over charging and over discharging effect the battery life adversely, therefore always keep your battery charge level in ideal condition. In experts view ideal charged condition for a mobile battery is not below 40 per cent and not above 80 per cert. It will help enhancing your battery life.


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Control brightness, idle time and sound level of your device

Some users keep their audio level and brightness at peak level which may consume considerable amount of battery, therefore maintain an ideal brightness and sound level. Set the idle time at minimum necessary. You can easily set idle time in display in setting.

Keep location tracking off

Location tracking apps consume more battery and it is said that facebook app consumes extremely high amount of battery. Therefore always keep location tracking off.

Update your phone while on charge or using Wi-Fi

While downloading and installing new software a huge amount of CPU and bandwidth are used. This action consumes considerable amount of battery therefore it will be best practice to keep the phone motionless. It will be better to schedule your updates while your phone is on charge or using Wi-Fi, which will save your data too. You can easily set your device on Wi-Fi only mode.

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