Security tips for your Gmail account-the 2 Step verification

Our Gmail accounts are very important for us and Gmail is used by the largest number of users in the world and our all other accounts at Google are also linked with our Gmail account. Thus our Gmail account is a gateway to all our account with Google. These days millions of cyber criminals are active in the world and nobody knows who will be the victim and when, therefore Gmail has proper arrangements for our accounts. One such arrangement is the 2step verification. The 2step verification is explained below in detail –

Gmail 2 step verification in Gmail

Why we need a Google 2 step verification

The wickedness of cyber criminals is known to all. Suppose you became a victim of them and totally loss access to your Gmail account. It clearly means that some other one has got access to your account and he is fully empowered to read your emails, delete them including contacts, photos.

He can send annoying or any type of mail to your contacts or any one else. He can reset your passwords and use it for abusive purposes. Suppose you have hundreds of posts on your blog and lost the access to your account, what will be your position. The only solution to all these is a 2 step verification.


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Features of Google 2 step verification

  • 2 step verification is very helpful from the security perspective. It is a second layer of protection. If you want to activate 2 step verification it will be active automatically for all your Google accounts linked to that email account. 
  • While 2 step verification is active you will be sent a single use verification code on your mobile phone registered with Google, while signing in.
  • This code will protect you even if some culprit has managed to acquire your pass word because he will not be able to access your account until he enters the single use verification code and the single use verification code will be sent on your phone.
  • You can use your single use verification code through a text message, a phone call or a mobile app.
  • You can request Google to not to ask for the single use verification code on a particular computer. For this purpose you will have to make your computer a trusted computer. You will never need single use verification code on the trusted computer.
  • If someone tries to login to your account from another computer, he will not be able to login to your account without the single use verification code


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How To activate Google 2 step verification

  • login to your Google account.
  • Choose ‘Sign in and security’. 
  • Choose 2 step verification
  • Click ‘Start setup’
  • On the next screen your registered phone details will appear including date of registration. If your phone is a land line phone you will receive the code through a phone call and in case of a mobile phone, you will receive a text message on it.
  • Now click ‘Send code’ button.
  • On the next screen your mobile phone number and a box to enter the code will appear. If you don’t receive the code, you can you can click the option ‘Don’t get the code’ to get the code again.
  • Please enter the code in the box and click ‘verify’ button.
  • Next the ‘Trust this computer?’ option will appear(You can make a computer, your trusted computer. It may be a computer you use personally or a computer accessed by your trusted people only. You will never be asked for the single use verification code on this computer.
  • Now click ‘Confirm’. 

Now you have successfully activated the 2 step verification in your gmail account and it is now fully secyre as you have added an extra security layer to it.

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