Gmail Account-how to block Email ID of Email spammers

Gmail Account-how to block Email ID of Email spammers -

Email spammers are a great headache for email users now a days. All email service providers try to avail some options to fight this problem but no comparison with Gmail. Gmail has descent arrangements to fight spammers and provides many alternatives. The options provided by Gmail are short and very easy to use. In your Gmail account you can delete, report spam or unsubscribe an email sender within seconds. The easy process of deleting, reporting spam or unsubscribing an email spammer is explained below -
Gmail Account-how to block Email ID of Email spammers
  • Login to your Gmail account.
  • Find the email causing trouble.
  • Open it. For example I don’t want to hear from ‘Shweta’ and want to receive no mail from ‘Shweta’ and want to block her email ID in future. Now I opened an email message received from ‘Shweta’ as shown in the image given below -
Gmail inbox

As I want to block ‘Shweta’, Gmail provides many options for this purpose. I can use the simplest option to unsubscribe her by clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ just after her email address as shown in the image above.


After clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ Gmail will need confirm unsubscribing and send a message to this effect giving me 2 options ‘Unsubscribe’ and ‘’Cancel’. After clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ all the emails sent by ‘Shweta’ on my email ID will go to the spam folder and will not appear in my Gmail ‘InBox’.


I can use other options also to perform this action. For this I will click the drop down menu in right hand corner in the line of Shweta’s email address. Now the following options will appear -
Gmail options to block email spammers

As shown in the image above I have three options.


Option 1- ‘Delete this message’ – If I click this option, the message will be deleted instantly.


Option 2- ‘Block ‘Shweta’ – If I use this option Gmail ask me to confirm my action and after confirmation the message will be sent to spam folder and all further message received from ‘Shweta’ will automatically go to the spam folder.

Option 3- ‘Report spam’- To block and get rid of a spammer this may be the best option. While I click ‘Report spam’ the following message will appear -
Gmail option to block an email spammer for ever


As shown in the image above Gmail provides you two options here –


Option 1 - ‘Report spam’ – If you click ‘Report spam’ your email message will be dropped to the spam folder and any email received in future will automatically go to spam folder.

Option 2 - ‘Unsubscribe and Report spam’ – If you want to get rid of a spammer for ever this will be a better option because if you click ‘Unsubscribe and Report spam’ you will never receive an email from this email ID in future. 

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