WhatsApp on Android Important features Chat archive unarchive, mute last seen -

WhatsApp on Android Important features Chat archive unarchive, mute last seen -

WhatsApp is gaining popularity day by day and its popularity is on the increase since transferring its ownership. Initially it was available on smart phones but now it is available on PC also. The expert users know everything such as sharing photos, videos, audios, voice calls and other things like locations etc but users with less experience may not be knowing many things. Some of the useful features are given below which if used properly you can use it as an expert user -

Features of whatsApp

You can archive your WhatsApp chat

Some times for some reason we want to access our conversation later at a convenient time. In such case you can archive individual or group chat using WhatsApp chat archive feature and access it later as per your convenience. To archive chat –


  1. Go to WhatsApp chat screen.
  2. Choose the chat you want to archive and long press it to open the option menu.
  3. From the menu select Archive
  4. The chat will be archived and will not appear until you unarchive it.


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  How to archive all chats tap more

  1. To archive all chats tap more
  2. Go to setting
  3. Go to Chats and calls
  4. Choose Archive all and tap yes


    You can unarchive your archived WhatsApp chats at any time. 

    1. To unarchive chats
    2. Go to WhatsApp chat screen.
    3. Tap more and then archived chats.
    4. Long press the chat to be unarchived.
    5. Select unarchive
    6. When you receive a new message The archived chats will reappear.

      You can Mute your whatsapp group chat

      Sometimes we find the group chats disturbing and annoying. In such case we can turn off notifications by muting the group chat for a certain period. Thou will receive messages during this period but silently without any noise or phone vibration. To mute a group –

      1. Go to the WhatsApp Group
      2. Go to Menu button
      3. Go to Mute
      4. From the given options Select a time for which the notifications are to be muted.
      5. To stop notifications in your notification slider uncheck Show notifications.



      You can hide last seen time on WhatsApp

      WhatsApp broadcasts the time when you last checked the app as a receipt. You can disable it if you so wish. To disable this feature –

      1. Go to setting
      2. Then account.
      3. Then privacy.
      4. Then last seen
      5. Select nobody.

      Note – When you choose this, others will not be able to see your last seen details but you will also be unable to see last seen details of others because this system works both ways.


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