Speechnotes an online Speech-enabled Notepad inside your Browser

Imagine how easy and funny it will be when you can write without even touching a single key on your computer keyboard. How it is when you can write a multipage document within 5 minutes which takes more than an hour to type on key board. You just keep on speaking and whatever you speak your computer will write. Yes it is funny and can be easily done with Speechnotes, an app provided by Google an online Speech-enabled Notepad converts Voice to text Inside your Browser. It proves very helpful to take notes and gives you option to work in a large number of languages, or we can say it works in almost all languages of the world. 

Speechnotes-the speech to text software

What is required to use speechnotes

To use speechnotes the only one thing required is a microphone working properly, connected to your computer. However if you want to use it as a browser extension you need Google Chrome browser installed in your PC.

Do I need to downloaded Speechnotes

If you want to use speechnotes you need not to download or install any software. Hence it is more beneficial as it does not occupy any space on your hard drive. You can use it online in the following ways –

1.   Use Speechnotes online

If you don’t use Chrome browser or you use chrome browser but you don’t want to use speechnotes as crome extension, you can use it directly by visiting the website- https://speechnotes.co/
2.   Use Speechnotes as Chrome Extension

In such case you need to add the speechnotes Extension to your Chrome browser. To add the extension visit Chrome Webstore and follow the instruction to add the extension. You may be prompted to login to your Google account.


Auto save option in Speech notes

While working on speech notes, you need not to worry about loss of your work due to a sudden power failure or another unexpected occurrence because Speechnotes has an auto save option.

Multiple option to save Speech notes

Speechnotes comes with the option to export to Google Drive, download as a document to your computer, copy and paste to your computer hard drive or a removable drive. You can save it on your hard drive/Removable drive in any format like Microsoft office word, Word Pad or Note Pad.

Smart sentence case above 90% is promised at Speech notes

Speechnotes comes with build in feature automatic smart sentence case(First letter of the sentence Capital) and an accuracy of above 90% is promised, as the technology is based on Google’s high-end speech-recognition engines.

Speech notes allows you to print or Email the document direct

If you have a printer installed and connected to your system, you can print your Speechnotes document right from the browser. You can also easily send your Speechnotes document to your email, right from the browser. 

Voice commands for Punctuations Paragraph layout I Speechnotes

Speechnotes has built in voice commands to easily add punctuation, paragraph changes etc. Speak the appropriate word and Speechnotes will insert relevant sign at appropriate place. The voice commands include period, comma, semicolon, hyphen, newline, new paragraph, smiley and many more commonly used punctuations. You can also use these commands by just clicking on it.

How to use Speechnotes

1.   Go to the website- https://speechnotes.co/ , or open your chrome browser and click on the extension “Speechnotes”.

2.   The speechnotes website will open as the image given above with a microphone symbol.

3.   Select the desired language by clicking the dropdown box.

4.   Check the options in the left side and set them as per your requirements.

5.   Click on the microphone symbol, if you are a first time user of speechnotes you may be asked for permission to use your microphone.

6.   Please permit them to use your microphone and start speaking. Whatever you speak, will appear as text in the language you selected. Use voice commands for punctuations and paragraph decoration where needed. Complete your document and you are done.

7.   Now can use any options like print, save or email it.

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