Gmail Security – How to find if someone is accessing our Gmail account and reading our mails

Gmail Security – How to find if someone is accessing our Gmail account and reading our mails - Gmail is really an email service complete in all respects. An option for all our needs is available there. We just need to find the option we actually need. One such feature is we can instantly find if someone else has got access to our Gmail account and reading our mails due to password leakage or otherwise. We can instantly find out the reality in easy steps. This feature of Gmail provides great security to our account and if we find someone reading our mails we can immediately take security measures like changing our password etc.
Gmail Security 


For example we have doubt that someone else is accessing our Gmail account and reading our emails. To find the fact 


Open your Gmail account

Scroll down to extreme bottom of your Gmail account
Gmail last account activity

Here the time of last activity on your Gmail account will be displayed as shown in the image above.


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Now click “Details” to find more details of your account activities. Now a list of activities will be displayed. This list will show  all the IP addresses from which the account was accessed. For your convenience your IP address will also be indicated as shown in the image below -
Details of IP address accessing your Gmail account

As the image above shows that the IP address used to access the account on Oct 6 is different from my IP address but I know that this is IP address of our other computer but if you find any unknown IP address here, that is certainly dangerous and you should immediately change your password. If you click ‘Show Details’ details of Operating system and browser will be displayed..


Gmail alert for an unusual activity

As shown in the image above there the is an “Alert preference:Show an alert for unusual activity:Change”. By default this alert remains active in your Gmail account and whenever your account has been accessed from a new IP addredd you will receive an email to this effect, but if someone has got access to your account, he may have changed it and deactivated it. Therefore after changing your password you have to check an activate again if decctivated.  To reactivete the alert click “Change” as shown in the image above. Now the following options will appear –
Activate alert of unusual activities in your Gmail account


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After clicking to “Change” and choose the ‘Radio’ button “Show an alert for unusual activity”


Now you are done. You can logout but check it frequently as a safeguard.


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