How to register image at blogger and generate HTML code using blogger blog

At many times we need html code for some images and look for a website who can host our image and provide us HTML code at par or at premium. Do you know that your blogger platform is the best alternative for it. Google products are made available to the users almost free of cost and at very user friendly terms. It is also a Google product where all the images of bloggers using blogspot platform are saved. Every blogger uses 15 GB space free and then at a nominal cost. Many of the users pay premium to other websites to register the images there and get an HTML code for a picture or an image, but you need not to pay any premium for this job. You can simply register the images at blogger and get an HTML code at no cost. The simple process for this job is explained below

Blogger is best image HTML Code Generator

To register a picture or image at Picasaweb and get the HTML 
code for it. For example you want to get the HTML code for the 
following image –

Trial image

Login to your blogger dash board.

Click the pencil icon as we do to create a new post.

Click the compose button and you need not to write anything, just click the image icon, (You can drag and drop the image) or

Next click ‘Choose files’


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You will be taken to your computer where you can locate and choose the image for which you want to generate HTML code.

Now upload the image, the image will appear in the blogger post editor. As shown in the image below.

Image for HTML Code Generation

Now you have to go to HTML mode of the blogger post editor to get the HTML code for the uploaded image. So please click ‘HTML’ button.

Here you will see an HTML script automatically generated as shown in the image given below. 

Auto generated HTML code

This is the HTML code for your image. Copy it and save it to your computer hard drive and you can use it as and where you need it in future.

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