Microsoft Office Word - set or remove your own keyboard shortcuts using Keyboard

Microsoft Office Word - set or remove your own keyboard shortcuts using Keyboard- Microsoft Office Word provides a large number of keyboard shortcuts and it also allows you to set your own shortcuts or customize the existing keyboard shortcuts very easily. You can also remove the existing keyboard shortcuts. You must have the adequate knowledge of the default shortcuts. For instance if you set a shortcut ‘Ctrl+K’ for some operation it will effect the default shortcut which is already set for ‘Hyperlink’. You can check existing the existing Microsoft Office Word keyboard cut at the Microsoft Support website at -

  Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word.
Set and Customize MS Office Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Set or remove a MS Word keyboard shortcut by using the keyboard

The following steps from 1 to 8 are common weather you are going to set a new keyboard shortcut or removing one already set –

1. Open ‘Word Options’ dialog box, by pressing ‘ALT+F,T

2. Press the ‘Down Arrow’ and select ‘Customize’.

3. Keep on pressing ‘Tab’ until ‘Customize’ is selected.

4. Press ‘Enter’.

5. Select the category containing the command/item to be assigned/removed a keyboard shortcut in the ‘Categories’ box by pressing Down/Up arrow. 

6. Move to ‘Commands’ box by pressing ‘Tab’.

7. Use Down/Up Arrow to trace and select name of the command/item for which a keyboard shortcut is to be assigned/removed. 

8. Existing keyboard shortcuts to that command/item will appear in the ‘Current keys’ box.


How to Set a new keyboard shortcut in MS Office Word

Now proceed further after step 8 above to set a new keyboard short cut. You can begin the keyboard shortcuts with ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt’, ‘Shift’. or any function key. A combination of more than one key may also be used.

a. Keep on pressing ‘Tab’ key until cursor is in the ‘Press new shortcut key’ box.


b. Press the combination of keys you want to assign as ‘shortcut’. For example, you want to set ‘CTRL+?’ for a particular function, please ensure that it must not be already set for another function. Please use a combination which is not already in use otherwise the old function is likely to be effected.


c. Therefore always look at ‘Currently assigned to’ and see whether the combination of keys you choose now is already assigned to a command or other item, choose a different combination. MS word default keyboard short cuts are listed here-

Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word

d. Press ‘Tab’ and repeat until the ‘Save changes in’ box is selected.

e. Highlight current document/template using ‘Down/Up Arrow, 
where you want to save the keyboard shortcut changes.

f. Now press ‘Enter’.

g. Press ‘Tab’ repeatedly to select ‘Assign’.

h. Now press ‘Enter’.

Note – The shortcut ‘Ctrl+Alt+F8’ is permanently reserved for 
initiating keyboard programming.


How to Remove a keyboard shortcut in MS Office Word

Now proceed further after step 8 above to remove or customizing an existing keyboard short cut.

1. Select ‘Save changes in box’ by repeatedly pressing ‘Tab’.

2. Highlight current document/template name where you want to save the keyboard shortcut changes by pressing Up/Down Arrow.

3. Now press ‘Enter’.

4. Press and hold ‘Shift’ and repeatedly press ‘Tab’ till the cursor goes to ‘Current keys’ box.

5. Select the keyboard shortcut to be removed using Up/Down Arrow

6. Select ‘Remove’ by pressing ‘Tab’.

7. Now press ‘Enter’.


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