How to Enhance Battery life of your Android Phone, Smart Phone Tablet

How to Enhance Battery life of your Android Phone, Smart Phone Tablet-In this hi-tech era almost every body use a mobile device. It may be a feature phone, a smart phone or a tablet PC. All these devices operate on a small size rechargeable battery called, Lithium Ion Battery or a Lion battery. These batteries have a limited life and we have to recharge it after a specific period. Rough and improper use may cause quick discharges and reduce the overall life span of your battery. An average life span of a Lithium Ion Battery is estimated 3 years if used properly. The following tips may be useful for proper maintenance and use of a Lithium Ion battery-
Tips to Enhance Android, Smart Phone, Tablet battery life.

How to store the Mobile Device in Idle condition

If you intend to not to use the device for a long time like a month or so and want to put the device in idle condition, please never store the device with the battery fully charged. While putting the device the battery’s charge level must be half or 50 per cent. If the battery’s charge level is above 50 per cent please reduce it to 50 per cent by using it and then store it in a cool place.

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How to store the Mobile Device in Idle condition for more than 6 months

Strictly follow the above instructions  and then check the battery of your device and charge it up to 50 per cent charge level because keeping the Lithium Ion Battery in fully charged condition or fully discharged condition for long period will reduce the life span of the battery. If you do so, it is possible that the battery may not hold the charge and may become unusable.

Maintain the Optimal Charge Levels of the Lithium Ion Battery

As per the expert’s opinion, optimal charge level of a Lithium Ion Battery is between 40 per cent and 70 per cent. Therefore try to maintain this level, means recharge before the battery level goes below 40 per cent and disconnect while it reaches 70 per cent.

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Never Deep Discharge your Lithium Ion Battery

If the charge level of your battery goes below 10 percent, it is called deep discharge. Recharge your battery before it goes below 10 per cent, you must stop using it or recharge it immediately.

Recharge your Lithium Ion Battery in multiple rounds

If you use your device less often it’s OK but if you use more, recharge it in multiple rounds and not in a single burst to maintain the Optimal Charge Levels.

Avoid prolonged heat exposure to your device.

Prolonged exposure to hot temperature may prove harmful to your device. It may permanently damage your device. For example, the temperature of a hot mid day or leaving your device in a car in hot season while it is off and the AC is not working are considered to be high temperatures.

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Never leave your device plugged in overnight

It is not a good practice to keep the device on charge over night. It will over charge your battery. In case of an emergency carefully check the ventilation of the device  and remove the case/cover if necessary. Please note that heat is generated during charging and lack of proper ventilation may physically damage your device or even explode.

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