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Very useful Gmail Feature Undo Send, how to activate Gmail Undo Send how to use Gmail Undo Send

Undo Send-a Very useful Gmail Feature, how to activate and use it-We all send and receive emails and may experience an email blunder at one point or another. Sometimes we send the message to a wrong recipient, another time we may forget to attach the file to be attached. It may be a result of erroneously clicking something like reply to all or our carelessness. Whatever the reason it may be but when we send information to a wrong person and if the information is of confidential nature, our situation becomes hopeless. However, the gmail’s feature ‘Undo Send’ can protect us from such situation, If we timely (Within 30 seconds maximum) use the undo send option –
Undo Send-a Very useful Gmail Feature,

How to activate ‘Undo Send’ option in gmail

1. Go to Gmail and login to your gmail account.
2. Click the ‘Gear icon’ in the top right hand corner.
Undo send setting
3.       Click ‘Setting’, the gmail setting page will appear.
4.       Scroll down to locate ‘Undo Send:’.
5.       Check the box ‘Enable Undo Send’.
Undo send setting
6. Click the drop down menu to select your preferred time. Here you will see 4 optons 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds. You have to select one but it will be better to select 30 seconds option.

7. Go to bottom and click ‘Save Changes’.

8. Now you have successfully activated the ‘Undo Send’ option.
How to use Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ Feature.

While we send emails in our gmail account, and the feature ‘Undo Send’ is not activated, we receive a message “your message has been sent”. Once we received this message, the mail we sent, is beyond our control accept viewing it in the ‘Sent Mail’ box and till we view it the recipient may have already viewed it. But if we have the ‘Undo Send’ feature active we will receive the delivery message with an
Undo send setting
UNDO link added to it like this one “your message has been sent Undo”. Gmail will deliver the message delayed as per our setting. For example If we have selected 30 seconds, gmail will delay the delivery of your message by 30 seconds. You can undo it during these 30 seconds of time by clicking the undo link. On expiry of 30 seconds the Undo link will disappear automatically and the message will be delivered to the recipient. If we click the undo link within the specified time of 30 seconds, the delivery of the message will be cancelled and the message will come back in compose mode.

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