Useful free tools by Google-very user friendly free tools by Google necessary for every one

Essential Google free tools- very user friendly and necessary for every one

 While we think or hear about the word Google, a common person who does not know more about the web world will think about the google search only but an expert in the matter of the web world will think about google in a different way. The present day web world is incomplete without google. At present a large number of activities depend on google. Google has the largest amount of data stored on their servers. Google believes in fair trade practices and it’s tools and services are very easy to use and user friendly. On an average day more than three hundred million people use the google services worldwide. Some of the most useful google services are explained below in brief -

Essential Google free tools- very user friendly and necessary for every one

Gmail the best mail – 

Gmail is world’s best email service. It is free, fast and have best features than any other email service in the world. Google provides 15 GB of free storage to each gmail account.

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The reknowned web browser Chrome is provided by Google. Chrome is the fastest browser of the world and has a lot of very useful and attractive features. At present Google Chrome is used by largest number of internet users in the world and has great security features and a built in flash player.


The reknowned digiral photo editor(Picasaweb), photo viewer, image organizer an integrated image sharing website is another quality product from Google. This service is free to a certain limit of space and then nominal charges may be levied.


Blogger or ( –  

The free blog publishing tool is an excellent tool and the largest blogging platform. Blogger is very easy to use and used by the largest number of bloggers world wide. It provides all the tools required by a blogger at no cost. The tools include a huge stock of blogger templates and other decoration tools.

The Google input tools is a service to write in your own language. This tool provides the facility to write in about one hundred languages. This tool is very easy to use. It uses the characters of the language selected and all the punctuations of the English language.


The Google translator is worlds best translator service. It is very easy to use and supports almost all the languages of the world.

The google font collection is a best font collection containing each and every type of font. The size of the google font is about 700 MB or larger and you can easily imagine, it will contain all of the font designs available in the world. You can download the collections and use it both online and offline. The Google font collection is awesome, unique and best of all the font collections available. The google fonts are more beautiful and attractive in comparison with available common fonts.

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