Speed Up Your slow Android Device -Tips to speed up your slow smart phone tablet

Is your Tablet smart phone slow-Tips to speed up your slow smart phone tablet-Some times we notice that our smart phone is working very slow. In most of the cases the reason of our smart phone working slow is not with the machine itself but it is a result of our actions. Our smart phone needs free space and free cache but sometimes we occupy the space with the data which are not useful. We can keep the speed of our smart phone at normal if we give a few minutes to clean the junk. You can set a schedule for this work depending on the use of your device. It may be weekly, twice a week or more frequently. Following tips may prove very useful to boost up the speed of your smart phone or tablet.

Tips to speed up your slow smart phone/tablet

Delete unnecessary photos and Videos from your Smart Phone/Tablet 

Photos and videos occupy a considerable space, therefore keep on deleting all the unuseful photos and videos from your Smart Phone/Tablet. For example photos and Videos received during chats or whatsapp can be deleted from your Smart Phone/Tablet after viewing them.   

Delete unnecessary apps from your Smart Phone/Tablet

Never keep unnecessary apps on your Smart Phone/Tablet. The apps you donn’t use must be deleted immediately. If you have deleted a useful app it can be downloaded again and reinstalled. Generally the companies instigate you to install apps which are not really useful for you and you must always avoid such apps. 


Save videos carefully on your Smart Phone/Tablet 

Think twice before saving the videos in the Smart phone/Tablet memory because these files use considerably huge space. Save videos to memory if you think that it is quite necessary. 

Always use music streaming mode 

There are a lot of apps which provide the options of preparing playlist of the songs of your choice. Therefore there is no use of keeping the music files saved in your Smart phone/Tablet memory. Hence music streaming will be a better option 

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Keep your Smart phone/Tablet’s home screen always free 

Always keep a minimum number of apps on the home screen of your device to use the optimum speed of your smart phone/tablet. 

Use Smart phone/Tablet cleaning apps 

A number of cleaning apps are available on the web free of cost, for example clean master for Android OS and battery doctor for apple. You can find many more apps on Google play store for this purpose. 


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Keep on checking your Smart phone/Tablet’s cache memory to keep it clear 

The microprocessor access cache memory more quickly then the other RAM because it is directly integrated with the CPU. Therefore it directly effects the speed of a device and it is essential to check it more frequently. 

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