Rightinbox- a very good Gmail scheduling browser extension

Rightinbox- a very good Gmail scheduling browser extension

We all send and receive emails but many of us don’t know a lot of facilities and options available in emailing. One such useful option is Gmail scheduling. To use this option you need a browser extension ‘rightinbox’. You can download it free of cost from rightinbox.com. It provides a number of other options like remind me, recurring and many more. The extension is of small size and easy to install. On installation, the software will ask for your permission to view your gmail public profile. 

Rightinbox- a very good Gmail scheduling browser extension

On successful installation you will see a video which will explain every thing about the extension and how to use its features. After installation of the extension the scheduling options will start appearing at the bottom of the Gmail compose screen. You can use more options clicking the drop down menus.

What is Gmail scheduling

Suppose you have written an email now but want to send it at 1530 hours on Friday June 12, 2015 or at the fixed date of a friend’s birth day or at the time of a special event to happen in future automatically, is email scheduling. In brief, Saving an email in your email account to be sent in future at a fixed date and time automatically is email scheduling.


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Features of Gmail scheduler rightinbox

1. You can schedule emails for automatically sending on a future date and time.

2. You can add reminder to an email whichwhich will automatically remind you for a proper follow up.

3. You can set a repeating frequency for an email as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

4. It supports the time zone if you send an email to a different country.

5. You can cancel the schedule and send the scheduled mail right now.

6. It provides an easy to understand customization system.

7. Your scheduled email will always be available in the trace folder.

8. Very easy to use options as ‘Sunday, 10 PM’, ‘8PM in London’, ‘5h 45m later’, ‘next weekday at 8AM’, ‘next Mon 09.00’, ‘in2 days at 8AM’, ‘June 12th late morning’, etc.

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