How to know complete hardware software history of an unknown computer

Trace Complete History of hardware Software of your computer at one click-

If you want to know complete details and history of the computer you are working on or if you intend to purchase a used computer you need to know every thing about it. Though a lot of software are available for this purpose but you do not need any software for this. Your windows has a”DirectX Dignostic Tool” already installed in it, thus Your computer itself is capable of performing this action for you, that too in a single command and single click. The computer will display every thing about hardware, software, disk spaces free and used etc. on it’s own screen. It also has a trouble shoot option and a detailed step by step help. 

Trace Complete History of hardware Software of your  computer at one click

You can proceed as follows –

Step one – Click run to run a command –
Trace Complete History of hardware Software of your  computer at one click
Step two – Write “dxdiag” and click ‘OK’. Now the following 
screen will appear.
Next Page Trace Complete History of hardware Software of your  computer at one click

Now you can read the detailed report about the computer. You can use the top line buttons of the screen one by one or the “Next Page” button in the bottom of the screen to get step by step details. A trouble shoot option is also under “more help” button on top right and the detailed step by step help in the bottom left corner.

Note – If the system asks to go online, better to go online for 
accurate results, though it may take some extra time.

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