8 Top free Email Service providers in the world sorted on merits

Top free Email Service providers sorted on merits
1.  Gmail

The best email service across the whole world Google’s Gmail, was Initially launched as a beta service in 2004 and was made available to  public in 2007.One of the most popular free email service Gamil is provided by Google Inc. It is an ad supported email service which provides it’s users instant messaging service and chat also. Launched in April 2004, Gmail hosts millions of free email accounts. Gmail offers 10 GB of free space per account. Storage limit can be extended at nominal cost by users. It is said that if gmail fails for 5 minutes, America fails simultaneously. Google also is the first mail service to synchronize the cloud computing platform with their mail services. With a super security system Gmail also has one of the best spam filters. Google provides 20MB attachment  per mail, messages, POP3 access, mobile access, audio and video chats and many more.

Top free Email Service providers sorted on merits

2. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo stands for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle and is operating since 1997. One of the most successful mail providers across the world, features filtering  messages, access to documents and sender address in just a click and inbox skimming. Yahoo mail offers unlimited storage per account, with a maximum of 25MB as attachment per message. Yahoo features include calendar, reminders, chat, SMS, birthday reminders, drag and drop functions, slideshows, mobile phone access, virus protection, Spam Guard, phishing protection, and integration with various apps. An upgraded version “Yahoo Mail Plus” with better access to POP3 instances, no account expiry, no ads and a better address guard is available for $19.99 per year.

3.  Window Live Hotmail

Shabeer Bhatiya, an Indian National and Jack Smith invented  and launched the world’s first email in July 1996 in the name of “Hotmail”. Microsoft acquired HotMail in 1997 and renamed as “MSN Hotmail”, making it a part of their Windows Live web service. It is a free email service operated by Microsoft. It offers unlimited storage with many useful features such as instant messaging , sky drive etc. One of the best security, anti-span, 10MB of attachment size, SkyDrive and Skype services exclusively for Microsoft users are main features of MSN Hotmail. Recently Microsoft launched Outlook.com, which is set to replace Hotmail gradually.


4.  AOL Mail

AOL(America On Line) is a free email service by AOL where users can create their free email accounts. AOL mail offers users unlimited storage with 25 MB attachment per email. This email service was started in March 2004. Also known as AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), AOL Mail initially started as a paid version, but now it’s free to all its users. AOL has a lot of exciting features but it fails in its appearance and presentation in comparison  with other Email providers. AOL supports advertisements but doesn’t have any paid version to remove this service. The ability to create folders and lists, filters, address book, search, auto reply, drag-n-drop function, spell checker, IMAP access, calendars, notes, mobile access, multiple language support, games, RSS reader, online support, chat via AIM, customized addresses, plugins and text messaging.


5.  Rediffmail – Rediffmail is one of the popular email service in India. Like other Email service providing websites here also you can find some common services such news, shopping IM, etc. Rediff hosts millions of free email accounts and offers unlimited email storage per free account. This email service is widely used in India though it’s extension is too long (..@rediffmail.com). Though it provides unlimited email storage but have annoying pop up ads

6.   Inbox - Inbox is one of the popular free email services offering 30GB of Online Storage and enhanced daily backups per free email accounts other useful services are, Send & receive attachments up to 20MB, easily organize your messages, quickly find archived messages, view full conversations, compose and read messages even when you're not online. Send & receive large attachments, POP3 & SMTP access, Effective spam & virus protection.
Inbox.com Webmail 2013 Beta

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7. Mail

Mail.com offers free email accounts to users and if you want to create your free email accounts with different domain names like “mail.com” ,”email.com” , consultant.com etc. It offers more than 100 different domain names for your free email accounts.

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8. Zoho Mail

If  you own a website and want to set up an email with your domain name, you can try ZOHO mail because it offers email hosting for domains. Zoho  offers 3 free email hosting  for single domain.

This Post is about Top Free Email Service Providers including, 
Google Mali, Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail, MSN OutLook 

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