Microsoft Windows Mobility Centre- Microsoft’s Very Useful Utility

Windows Mobility Centre- Microsoft’s Very Useful Utility

Windows Mobility Centre is a very useful feature provided by Microsoft.  Windows Mobility Center is included on all laptops those running the Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions. However the Presentation settings are not available in Windows 7 Home Premium edition. These are available in Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, and Enterprise editions only. It puts most commonly used laptop settings in one spot so you can access them fast and easily. Windows Mobility Centre is specially deigned for  Laptops to make work easy and faster. It sets every thing in one place, so you do not need to go hunting around for settings when you move from your desk to a meeting or your home to the airport.
Windows Mobility Centre- Microsoft’s Very Useful Utility
Options setting may differ depending on your hardware  and manufacturer. In the Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions of Mobility Center presentation settings are also includes, It is a collection of presets you can apply with one click before you use your All these are set in one location, so you save time and don’t need to remember where each setting is located. This is especially helpful when you need to quickly adjust laptop settings.

Location of Windows Mobility Centre

To Open Windows Mobility Center click Start button> Control Panel> Mobile PC, and then click Windows Mobility Center. Use the following short cut to open the Windows Mobility Center, fast and the easiest way.

Shortcut to Open Windows Mobility Center - Windows key + X


Key Features of Windows Mobility Center

a.    Brightness. To adjust brightness settings of power plan, open Power Options by clicking the icon. To adjust brightness temporarily Move the slider.

b.    Volume. Move the slider to adjust the speaker volume or check the mute box.

c.    Battery Status. View charge condition of your battery or select a power plan from the list.

d.    Wireless Network. Check your wireless network connection status or turn off/on wireless network adapter.

e.    Screen Rotation. Select the orientation of your screen the portrait or landscape.

f.    External Display. Connect or customize the display settings of an additional monitor

g.    Sync Center. View the status of in-progress file sync, start a new sync, set up a sync partnership, or change your settings in Sync Center.

h.    Presentation Settings. Connect to a projector, and click Turn on to get your computer ready to display a presentation.(Not available in Windows 7 Home Premium edition.)

i.    In addition You can keep Your laptop  stay awake, and system notifications like e mail alerts etc turned off. You can also turn off the screen saver change and your desktop background

Windows Mobility Center displays the most common settings, like brightness, volume, battery status, and wireless network status in the form of live tiles. Display of live tiles may differ depending on your system, and your laptop manufacturer may have also added some tiles. If the wireless network adapter, or driver is missing or turned off a related may not appear, for example a wireless network  is switched off or unavailable, the related tile may not appear. you might need the hardware to switch on your computer to turn on the wireless adapter.

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