understanding windows updates types of updates Importance of updates

Windows Updates-understanding windows updates types of updates Importance of updates

Microsoft Windows is considered to be the best operating system and it used by the largest number of users in the world. Microsoft has an adequate arrangement of efficient and highly skilled staff at their labs at MSDN(Microsoft Developers Network). They keep a constant vigil to improve and keep the software up to date in all respects. Whenever a new development comes or an improvement is made in the existing software, Microsoft updates their existing users connected to the internet. Some of the user don’t want to receive updates but many of the updates must not be ignored. In the forgoing paragraphs, updates are discussed in detail –

Windows Updates-understanding windows updates

What are Windows Updates

Microsoft releases a number of software, drivers etc in addition to their main software windows and distribute them to users. After sending these to users, MSDN(Microsoft Developers Network) staff keep on working on them to make further improvements and whenever they make an improvement they include it in the software. The improvements can be included to the software to be distributed further at Microsoft but for those already using the software Microsoft make changes online. This is a constant process and called Windows updates or Microsoft software updates. The update may be for improving efficiency of the software or a vulnerability patch.

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What are Windows Critical Updates

These Updates are released to address a specific problem in an existing software. These may be both security related or to fix a bug. These updates may contain additions to product definition used to detect objects having attributes such as junk mail, a phishing website or a malcode. Always install these updates.

What are Windows Security Updates

These are updates to protect against vulnerability These updates are placed in three categories viz: Critical, Important and moderate and their security can be seen in Microsoft security bulletin. Always install these updates.

What are Windows Important Updates

These updates are releases to protect your system and your privacy to improve reliability. These updates include both critical and security updates. These updates are necessary to keep your computer safe and secure. Always install these updates.


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What are Windows Recommended Updates

Recommended updates are updates sent when improvements in the existing software are made to avail you the newest edition of the software. These are very useful and keep your computer at peak performance. Delivery of these updates depend upon your system’s Windows Updates setting. If you use recommended setting you will see recommended updates with important updates and if you use install important updates only, then these updates will shown in optional updates. Always install these updates if you wish to perform your system excellent and use all available features.

What are Windows Optional Updates

These are improvements in the existing software. The optional updates may also include, a language pack or packages of languages, any device driver released by Microsoft, or sometimes a software which is under trial. Always install these updates if you wish.

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What is a Windows Service pack

Making improvement in the software is a constant process at Microsoft. User feedback is actively considered there and a number of improvements are a result of user feedback. Whenever Microsoft thinks that they need a number of new developments to be added to the initial software, they gather all new developments made since the initial release date of the software and send these in the form of a software package and install it to the computers of existing users. This is called the service pack and includes all hot fixes, security, critical updates and improvements made based on user feedback. Always install these updates, never ignore a service pack.

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