How to disable automatic updates in Windows 10

Windows 10 – How to disable automatic updates in Windows 10 

All the new or old operating systems of Microsoft are constantly updated by them by sending updates automatically to their users. There are updates of various categories like critical updates, important updates, recommended updates and optional updates. A number of users don’t like updates but in my view updates are very important and we must install them whenever they are available. We must never ignore the critical updates, important updates and recommended updates, because the updates are delivered to enhance performance and security. However you can ignore optional updates. 

Windows 10 – How to disable automatic updates in Windows 10

The users are more annoyed by unexpected restarts then receiving updates as the users of windows 10 home edition are given limited options regarding automatic updates. Any way if you don’t want to receive automatic updates in your Windows 10 you can disable them by following these steps –

Windows 10 - Disabling updates for Wi-Fi users

In this matter the Wi-Fi users may be called lucky because it is very simple for them to disable automatic updates by changing their Wi-Fi settings but these settings are limited to Wi-Fi users and don’t work for broad band users.


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In the start menu search change wi-Fi settings

  • Click Advanced option
  • Put the switch under ‘Find devices and content’ off, this will make your PC undiscoverable by any server.
  • Under Metered connection, put the set as metered connection to on. Now considering you on a limited data plan Microsoft will stop sending you updates.
  • Use Microsoft Show or hide updates trouble shooter package for selective updates
  • You can use this Microsoft tool for install Microsoft updates selectively. Download this tool from Microsoft’s official website and follow the instructions.

Windows 10 disable updates using local group policy editor

To make any changes in this you will be required an administrator authority. 

  • Search ‘gpdeit.msc’
  • Choose ‘Computer configuration’
  • Choose ‘Administrative Templates’
  • Now select ‘All settings’
  • Find ‘Configure Automatic updates’ and double click on it.
  • Now you will see a radio buttonbefore the option ‘Enabled’, please set it on
  • After enabling it you can edit other options.
  • Please click drop down menu and choose the option ‘Allow local Admin to choose setting’.
  • Next go to control panel
  • Select ‘System and Security’
  • Click ‘Windows Updates’
  • Click ‘Change setting’
  • Select the option ‘Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them’.

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That’s all, you are done.


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