Uses of Gmail other than sending and receiving Emails

The uses of Gmail other than sending and receiving Emails 

Gmail, the worlds No 1 email service is not only a platform to send and receive emails only but it has a number of features which are almost not available in other email services, in other words we can say as an email service provider Gmail has no rival. Gmail not only provides the facility of sending and receiving emails to its users but it provides a lot of other facilities to its users and that is the reason that Gmail is considered to be the best email service of the world. Some of the important features of Gmail which are in addition to sending and receiving emails are given below -

More uses of Gmail

Convert non clickable links to clickable links in Gmail

With the help of Gmail you can convert any number of non clickable links in to clickable links. It saves a lot of your valuable time. The process is very easy and fast. Just compose an email of all your non clickable links and send the email to your own email address. Open the email sent by yourself and you will see that all your non clickable links have been converted into clickable links.

Your Gmail ID is your Permanent Open ID

This feature is very useful on a number of web services or making an online comment where login is required. A number of people male anonymous comments which is a bad practice in by view and I always try to avoid anonymous comments. If you have something to say why do you hide, who you are? Why don’t you use your Gmail ID.

Gmail is an excellent Online file format converter

Many users don’t know about this excellent feature of Gmail and whenever they need to convert the format of a file, they use various other websites to convert the format whereas this feature is available in their own Gmail. When you need to convert the format of a file compose a mail, attach the file you want to convert. It may be a single or multiple files. Send the file to your own email ID. You will receive it back instantly so open it and Click ‘View as HTML’

Gmail online storage utility

You can use your Gmail drive as an additional storage utility. It is very easy to use, just copy files from your computer and paste them to your Gmail drive or copy data from your Gmail drive and paste them to your computer. Data stored on your Gmail storage will be shown in your inbox and your Gmail account ID and password will work to login to your Gmail drive.   Gmail Drive down load link. 


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