TIPS FOR WINDOWS 10-important features and how to use them

TIPS FOR WINDOWS 10-important features and how to use them 

Windows – 10 is considered to be the best ever and fastest operating system released by Microsoft Corporation. It has a number of tremendous features which make it really unique. Cortana, though not available in most of the countries but soon it may be available worldwide. If we set aside Cortana for a while, still windows-10 prove to be a unique Operating system. Some of the features which make windows-10 unique are given below. For more Windows 10 features please - clickthis link

TIPS FOR WINDOWS 10-important features

Windows-10 you can Speak to Cortana

Cortana is one of the most powerful feature of Windows 10. With the help of this feature Microsoft try to convert a Windows desktop in to a smart-phone and it’s really too good. Cortana have much more features that can’t be listed in a single article however I will do it in details later. But amazing things, it try to convince you that it understand you. 

You can operate cortana and can set it from start menu. After the setup of cortana you can use your voice for search anything you want. At present it’s available for US and a few others but shortly coming for others too. If want to use it now, than set your system for US region through the time and language section setting.

Windows-10 you can Log in through different ways

Normally we set a password to log in our pc and the password is to be extremely private. But here in the windows 10, Microsoft provide us many ways to login. Microsoft add windows hello feature in windows 10. 

Through this feature you can log in through facial recognition, a fingerprint or even iris scan (scan of your eye retina).

If you have required accessories, than you can setup that system. For setup you have to go to setting and select accounts link, choose sign-in option from the left side of window screen. Many option will appear here of which you can choose one of your choice.

Windows-10 Battery saver feature 

When we are working on our desktop, there is no issue for battery savings. But when we use our laptop without charger plugged-in, we want to save battery as far as possible. So Microsoft provide us a feature for battery saving. You can turn the battery saver mode off or on manually, depending on your working condition. It will help you to use your battery for as long as possible, for your important works.

Windows-10 you can Add extra desktop to your pc

Microsoft provides a special feature in Windows 10. With the help of this feature you can add an extra desktop screen to your pc. On the first one you can work and second one you can use for your entertainment, like watching movies, video songs, listening songs etc. when you add secondary desktop than the task bar and desktop icon remain same but you can use it for different work.


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Windows-10 Set your windows in corners when multitasking

In Windows 10, Microsoft again add window snapping feature which was previously introduced in Windows 8. So now you can snap windows in side of display or the corners. For this drag any open window and take it on the side of display or the corner of display. For this you can also hold the windows key and press side keys. That features make your work easy when you are working multitasking.

Windows-10 Use Maps offline

In Windows 10, Microsoft provides map application too, which we can save to use offline. Before windows 10 we had to open Google earth and take a print or screen snap. But now open maps and save them for offline use.

Windows-10-Analyse your hard drive

In Windows 10 we can analyze our hard drive. It describe all the things which make a desirable space in our hard drive. When we want to analyze our hard drive, we have to go to setting and have to select the storage option. After that it will open all the partition of our hard disk. Choose the partition that you want to analyze. After that you can delete unwanted things and free up more useful space.


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Windows-10 you can Set default applications 

Default application is a setup in which we set an application for every type of file. So when next time we double click on that kind of file, than windows automatically use default application to open that file. But in Windows 10 you have to set this through a different way. For this you have to go to setting and search default application in the search box in the corner of window. You have to set default app for every format.

Windows-10 you can Use an alternative start menu

Windows 10 provides us an option to use an alternative start menu. To use this menu you have to right click on start menu button to bring up it. That menu is not so user friendly, but it offers us quick access to some application including device manager utility, access the task manager as well as the system search and the run box from hear.


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Windows-10 you can Turn off Wi-Fi sharing

The Wi-Fi sharing is one of the most controversial feature of Windows 10. This features help to share you Wi-Fi with your friend through the facebook and skype. After this sharing, next time when your friends visit your home or office, they can easily use your Wi-Fi. But some of them may use it for waste the data. So keep it off always, rather than you need it. To off it, go to setting and select network and sharing option, than select mange Wi-Fi option. Then turn off Wi-Fi shearing.

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