Windows 10 a list of useful and easy to use features

Windows 10 a list of useful and easy to use features  

In my last article on   I tried to explain a number of windows 10 features. As the best ever operating system from the house of Microsoft has a lot of attractive features so in this article I explain I am explaining some more features of Windows 10. As the operating system windows 10 is new among the users therefore I think my effort will be useful for new users.

Windows 10 a list of useful and easy to use features

Windows 10 Quick access option

In windows 10 file explorer, Microsoft adds a new section. That is quick access. This option makes our explorer experience easy during work. It collects together all folders and files that we open recently. And in this section we also can pin-up our mostly uses files. For this we have to right click on that file and choose pin to quick access option. And through same process we can unpin the file, go to quick access section and right click on the file and select unpin option


Windows 10 On screen activity video recording option

Microsoft has added a special feature in Windows 10 for screen video recording of the activities going on your screen. It can be used for recording video of on screen activity of any application. It’s primarily designed for recording the videos of games played and to share them to our friends, but for those having busy schedule it may not be useful. We can use it to make videos for you-tube channel. To start it hold Window key and press G for record any on screen running application. You also can take a snap during recording video but not via simply just clicking print screen. To take a screenshot hold Window key and Alt and then press print screen key.

Use Windows 10 with your Smart phone 

As we all know that Microsoft is manufacturing windows smart phones already. Now Microsoft try to make your windows as smellier as smart phone through Windows 10. In windows 10, Microsoft provides option to connect your smart phone to your pc. When you connect your smart phone to your pc, than Windows will automatically add all your contact and other data to your phone. To connect your phone with your windows 10, launch the phone companion app. Choose your smart phone type and follow instructions. That available to Start menu. After that you can get your emails and also can access your one drive, outlook, dropbox etc. 

Windows 10 Switch off or on touch mode 

Microsoft gives us option to use windows 10 as a pc user or as a tablet user. In windows 10 we can manually turn the touch mode off or on. When touch mode is on, than we can use windows as a tablet. And when touch mode is off we can use windows as pc or laptop. In touch mode we can also use the touch screen key board. But when touch mode is off, we have to connect a key board to use it. We can easily switch touch mode on or off. For this click or tap on the action center notification icon, and select Tablet mode or Pc mode. 

Customize windows 10 Start menu according to choice

In Windows 10, Microsoft provides us an option to manage start menu according our needs. We can change the colors of live tiles that can be arranges manually. We can also resize the menu on the full screen and half screen. And also can change the size of particular tile. To change size of particular tile, right click on that tile and manage. And right click on any shortcut and choose the option of pin to start menu.


Windows 10 Xbox One for Games

Windows 10 comes with Xbox feature. Xbox consoles and windows are friendlier. In windows 10 that comes included. So now we can stream game in windows 10 desktop or laptop same as in Xbox One. For this we have to enable game streaming, the Xbox one setting. And after that go to Xbox app and establish a link between consoles. That all consoles work on local Wi-Fi network.

Windows 10 All the New Internet Explorer

Internet explorer(Microsoft Edge), is one more amazing part of Windows 10. In Windows 10, Microsoft provides us all new internet explorer. That new internet browser is quick to access, clean for security alert and designed very well. It is designed according to the modern time internet. In that browser, one feature is very unusual. That is ability to annotate web pages. For this click on the make a web note icon. That is look like a pen inside a box. And now you can make a web note.

Windows 10 Customizable Notification Control Menu 

Windows 10 have a lot of functions, so you have to notice them time to time. For this Microsoft provides Windows 10 with an amazing notification panel on right side of screen like Windows 8, but it is more modern and modified. At this notification panel you get notification for events, pop-up alerts from the software and apps that you have installed. We also can arrange that panel for what to show and what not to show. For this, first go to setting, than go to system and then Notification and actions. Here you can set all application and software notifications.

Windows 10 Read on Web like a Book

With internet browser(Microsoft Edge), Windows 10 provides us one other most important feature. That is read your web page like a book, means read your article without distractions. When you are surfing any web page and that web page have that reading mode available. If available than you can see an icon on right hand side bar on address bar which is look like an open book. When you click on this icon, your article is open like an open book and all other advertisements and disturbing things are removed. To exit this again click on that icon and your page goes to normal mode.

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