Tips and tricks to enhance Smart Phone battery life

Smart phones are great utility and we can’t live without a smart phone in modern time. In addition to making voice/video calls, taking photos recording videos, they do almost all the tasks, previously done by desktops/laptops such as emailing, browsing the internet and respond to messages. Greatest problem with a smart phone is its battery life. The following tips(Settings mentioned are mostly based on iPhone and may differ in other models) may help enhance battery life to some extent-

Smart Phone battery life

Turn on flight mode or torn off mobile data when signal is weak or no signal

The mobile handsets keep on searching for signal constantly and this action consumes battery and data. So if you are in an area where there are weak signals or no signals at all, turn on flight mode  or turn off mobile data. 

The flight mode ((also called Airplane mode or stand alone mode) is an offline mode and may not be a better option as it prevents the device from sending or receiving calls and text messages thus 

Though it will save your battery but you'll get no calls, messages and it is equal to a switched off handset. The second option, turning mobile data off  may be some better choice because your Phone will still receive calls and texts but it stop constantly searching for networks. To activate this, go to Settings >Mobile Data and toggle Mobile Data off.


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Keep vibration alert off

We don’t need Vibration alerts all the time but it is required only when  the handset is on silent mode. A motor comes into action during vibration alert which consumes battery.  Therefore always keep vibrations off when not required. Just go to Settings>Sounds and toggle Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent off.

Set screen brightness to a minimum required level

Brightness of your device screen consumes considerable power and most of the time especially indoors we don’t need a high brightness. So set the brightness of your device screen brightness level to a minimum required. Just  Slide up from the bottom of your home screen and toggle the screen brightness to as low as you can go.

Avoid frequently turning on device screen

Some users are habitual of putting their device screen on and off frequently without any reason, strangely sometimes even to check the current time. While we turn our screen on it consumes power. Try to avoid turning on your display unnecessarily as much as you can.

Set display Auto-Lock to minimum(30 seconds)

You should turn the display on whenever it is necessary for example to check notifications, messages etc but must remember to put it off too. We turn on screen for many reasons but mostly forget to turn the display off and it keeps consuming power if Auto-Lock is set improperly. Therefore always set Auto-Lock to the shortest possible time ie 30 seconds.

Turn off unnecessary notifications

We receive a lot of notifications and most of them are useless for us, therefore, control your notifications to save battery life. Go to Settings > Notifications and then start filtering through your apps.


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 Check and avoid more power consuming apps

As we all know some of the apps consume comparatively more. You can check which apps are consuming your mobile battery the most. Just go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage. You have two options here, the last seven days or the last 24 hours. It's better  to check both to see a pattern to decide which apps are to be avoided.

Switch off location tracking when not needed

Specially while on the go, your Phone is constantly using Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth and built-in GPS for tracking location. This will consume more battery so turn it off if not necessary.

Turn Hey Siri off

Siri is your voice assistant on iOS and it always remains in listening mode. Whenever Hey Siri is active keep on consuming battery. To save power you can turn the Hey Siri feature off easily by going to Settings > General > Siri > Allow "Hey Siri" and toggle it off.

Turn Low Power Mode on

Low Power Mode as it is clear by is name, will reduce power consumption by automatically turning off  background apps, frequent refresh, Mail fetch, Hey Siri, automatic downloads and reducing visual effects. Just Go to Settings > Battery and toggle it on.


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Set your email frequency manually

Email are very important and it's useful to get emails as they are sent but practically it is not possible to read each mail as soon as it is received, because we doesn't have time to read them straight away. Practically we read emails at intervals and changing our email settings to get them manually will help save your battery life. You can also set hourly or so. To do this, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data.

Keep Bluetooth Turned off

Bluetooth is a power consuming app and must be switched on only when needed. Keeping Bluetooth switched off will save battery. Just Swipe up from the top and toggle Bluetooth off.

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