Internet quiz-how much do you know about the internet

(1)   Tim Berners-Lee(Timothy John Berners-Lee) invented the World Wide Web in 1990.

 (2)   More than 6 percentage of the world’s population is suffering from internet addiction.

 (3)   According to a United Nations resolution using the internet is a human right and disconnecting people from the internet is a human rights violation.

 (4)   More than 100,000 dot com( domains are registered every single day on the web all over the world.

Internet quiz

(5)   China has the largest number of people suffering from internet addiction.

(6)   China runs officially organized rehabilitation/treatment camps for its citizens suffering from internet addicts?

(7)   In 2010 Finland became the first country to declare the internet access a legal right to its citizens.

(8)   Over 34.3 percent(About 2,400,000,000) people worldwide Out of the world population of 7,000,000,000 have access to the internet,.

(9)   Geocities(Launched in 1994)  was the world’s first social networking web site.

(10)   As of March 2016, Alexa declared that Google is the worlds most popular website.

(11)   As of March 2016, Alexa declared that YouTube is the worlds second most popular website.

(12)   Philippines a Southeast Asian country has 3.54 mbps internet speed and it is  the slowest internet speed.

(13)   A major portion of internet traffic on the web is not generated by humans.

(14)   PSY - GANGNAM STYLE  is the most-viewed video receiving over 2.62 billion hits as of 05August 2016

(15)   WiFi mean Wireless Fidelity(wireless internet)

(16)   Internet  meme mean  a cultural phenomenon spreading online from one person to another. It could be anything, phrases, images, rumors, audio or video shared voluntarily.

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