Charging and maintenance safety procedure Mobile Phone Battery

Charging and maintenance safety procedure Mobile Phone Battery

Battery, the power source of your mobile hand set is an important part of your mobile phone and it becomes more important in this era os mobile internet. We all blame the battery for performance issues but nobody thinks about the proper maintenance of it. Most of the users even don’t know proper maintenance procedure. Proper maintenance and charging ensures a smooth service and longer life of the mobile phone battery and even ensures our safety. The mobile phone battery manufacturers claim that the batteries work efficiently up to 300-500 recharges and then the efficiency goes down gradually. 


Mobile Phone Battery-Charging and maintenance


Never discharge the battery to zero

Over using or over discharging the battery adversely effects the battery life and performance. Therefore, recharge your mobile phone battery before its charge level goes below 20 per cent. When battery goes down to 15% it gives a warning but some people ignore it. This practice effects the battery life adversely, therefore please Never let your battery charge level go to zero. In such case sometimes battery may not hold the charge again. 

 Never charge the battery to 100 percent

Keeping the battery always charged 100 per cent may effect the lifespan of your battery, therefore always keep it below 100 per cent. However, occasionally(Once a month or so) it can be charged to 100 per cent but in this case extreme attention is required to remove the battery, immediately it reaches to 100 per cent charge level. If we keep on charging our battery charging even after it has reached to 100 per cent charge level, it may cause severe damage to both our battery’s performance and life span.

Though the charger automatically stops charging your battery but this practice is not good. It is Harmful for your smartphone and it also keeps on consuming the power constantly as such will increase your electricity bill also.


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Always maintain a safe charge zone(40 per cent to 80 percent charge level)

The ideal charge condition for our mobile phone battery is the safe charging zone. As per the opinion of the experts the safe charging zone for a mobile phone battery is to always keep its charge level between 40 per cent to 80 percent charged. It means never let the charge level of a smartphone battery come below 40% and go above 80%.


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How to store the mobile phone battery in idle condition

If you want to keep the battery in idle condition, you can store it for long time but never store the battery in fully charged condition or fully discharged condition. Store the battery in moderately charged condition between 40 to 50 percent charged condition. Check the battery every month and recharge it for a few time to bring back to the moderately charged condition as mentioned above. 


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Always use the original battery charger(The one supplied with the smartphone by the manufacturer) came with the mobile phone

When you purchase a new mobile handset, you receive a battery charger with it. Always use this charger for charging your battery because this is tested according the needs of your battery model. Different type of charger may damage your battery. So if you loss it or it is damaged, purchase another from the supplier giving the battery specifications. If you don’t know the battery specifications, give him your mobile hand set model or show him the mobile hand set, he will give you the correct charger. Never use a locally manufactured battery charger because locally manufactured chargers are poor in quality, consistency and their output voltage and current are not smooth and vary constantly.


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