Android Phone-Call Blocker, SMS Text Message blocker Apps

Android Phone-Call Blocker, SMS Text Message blocker Apps

All of us use mobile phones for our convenience but sometimes you are extremely busy and your phone rings, you are sleeping and your phone rings. If the caller is a genuine one, we don’t feel disturbed but if it is a call or SMS from a telemarketer or some advertiser or a call we don’t want to receive, we feel quite annoyed. Sometimes the number of such bogus calls and text messages is quite annoying. Now apps to block such communication are available in the web world. You can use the following apps for your Android device - 

Android Phone-Call Blocker, SMS Text Message blocker Apps

Call blacklist Call Blocker 

The app “call black list call Blocker” developed by is a light weight and easy to use app and is capable of blocking unwanted and annoying sms and calls. You can manage black list of unwanted numbers. You can black list any number manually or a number from your call logs or your contact list. 


Call Control-Call Blocker 


The call blocker blacklist app is 5.00MB size app developed by kedlin company and works on 2.3.3 or up version. It blocks both unwanted calls and text messages. The call blocking options like don’t disturb, call blacklist, text messages filter, private and unknown call blocking, and more are available. The enhanced caller ID helps you to find who is calling you. Wild card blocking, area code blocking, text, MMS and picture message blocking is supported. 


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Mr. Number-Block call & Spam 

This unwanted call and SMS blocking app is 5.7MB in size and it is developed by whitepages inc. it supports version 2.2 and up. Mr. Number-Block call & Spam blocks, identify and look up unknown caller. Free caller look up is limited to 20 mobile or land line numbers. When you add a number to black list Mr. Number-Block call & Spam will automatically block it. Blocking of a particular person, a particular business or a particular prefix is possible. 


NQ Mobile Security Call Blocker – Blacklist 

The NQ Mobile Security Call Blocker – Blacklist is a light weight(1.0MB) app developed by NQ Mobile security and supports 2.2 or up. This multilingual app notify you while it blocks a call. It provides three options to deal with the blocked number, 1-Hang up, 2-Hang up and send text message(No text message is sent to blocked numbers) It works on low power consumption and consumes low CPU. 


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Whosecall-Caller ID and Block 

The 8.2MB app Whosecall-Caller ID and Block app is developed by Gogolook and works on android 2.3 or higher version. You can block numbers and instantly identifies the source whether the number is listed in your contacts or not. This app has some limitations such as dual sim card phones need customization, real time look up needs stable internet connection, Problems caused by battery conservation apps, unable to block on android 4.4 and later etc. 


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