How to Organize and Add shortcuts to the Apps in All Apps list on Windows 10

How to Organize and Add shortcuts to the Apps in All Apps list on Windows 10

The apps list function of Windows 10 is very different from Windows 7. In Windows 7 we can easily create shortcuts on desktop by drag-and-drop function or right click on app link in the start menu and click on send to the desktop. But in Windows 10 that functions is not available to create shortcuts on desktop.

Organize and Add shortcuts to the Apps in  Windows 10

To modify, organize or rearrange an existing app shortcut, follow the steps given below. I have given the example of ‘Google Chrome’ to create a shortcut on desk. You can create a desk top shortcut for any app the same way –

Click windows 10 start button

Click ‘All Apps’ to open the list of all apps,
Windows 10 Start Button and All Apps menu
Choose “Google Chrome” and click to create a shortcut on 
Create a shortcut in windows 10
Now Google Chrome will appear Like this-
Select chrome exe
Right click on Google chrome as shown above, then thefollowing screen will appear-
Now choose the “open file location”

Now choose the “open file location” option.

Than windows opens the ‘Shortcut Tool’ with the location of “Google chrome”,
Now choose the “open file location”

Now you have to select that app so right click on “Google Chrome”. The following options screen will appear -
Windows 10 Short cut tool options

Now follow the steps as indicated 1, 2 and 3 exactly in order

Thus it is very different method from Window 7 but not so difficult for us. Use that trick to add our own shortcuts to the menu or removing existing shortcuts.

Add Custom Shortcuts – 

Adding our own desktop application shortcuts to the all app list is also very easy. We just need add them to the appropriate folder on our system. That are same folder that will appeared when we right click any app and select “open file location”.

We can access them by coping and pasting app in the file explorer window, the search box in to the start menu or Run dialog.

Create any shortcut that you like. For example we can right click on any “.exe” file anywhere on our system, select copy option and after that access that in the shortcut window and Paste shortcut. We also can rename that shortcut and it will appear in our start menu. This is particularly useful for portable applications and other similar applications that don’t create shortcuts on desktop automatically.

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We could actually copy paste “.exe” files directly into the start menu folders on Window 7 and earlier version of Windows and that shortcut appear in the start menu, but we can’t do this in Windows 10. If we place an “.exe” file directly, Windows 10 will ignore it and don’t show it in the start menu.

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