How to print your Mobile phone Smartphone SMS messages

How to print your Mobile phone Smartphone SMS messages

Until a few years ago, people were considering the SMS messages to be very important. Many of them used to keep the messages saved in separate folders for years. If the messages were lost for any reason like the loss or damage of the handset or otherwise, it was considered a great loss.

At present WhatsApp has greatly diminished the importance of SMS. WhatsApp message can be emailed or can easily be printed. Printing of the ordinary message is not possible in all phones but if you want to print your SMS on paper it is can be easily done.

printing Mobile phone Smartphone SMS messages
Printing Mobile phone Smartphone SMS messages
Some of the messages you may think important to keep on paper. These are the messages received from banks and  financial institutions, e-commerce online shopping and sometimes even Unknown unwanted SMS messages. 

If you have a printer compatible with your handset in your house or office it is well and good. You can check the list of printers compatible with Google Android operating system and apples operating system by clicking here

There are many other options to print your text messages

(1)   Transfer your messages to your Personal Computer using a data cable or blue tooth or infrared(IR) and save that text in any text editor. Now you can easily print your messages.
(2)   Those using S60, S40 or newer version phones may simply copy the text of your messages using forward message option,  select the whole text and copy it.
(3)   You can use Edit and Arrow keys(The navigation keys) for selecting. You will find copy option in left button or right button. Paste it in notes. You can easily send these notes to your Personal Computer and take a printout.
(4)   Many of the modern phones are coming with printing applications already installed in phone. If you were using such type of phone then you can directly print.
(5)   You can also print messages using office tools.
You can print images text print outs may not be possible.

Printing with the official Google Cloud Print app.

Download the latest version of the official Google Cloud Print app. The Google Cloud Print app is a print plugin on Android KitKat, and a standalone app on earlier versions of Android. If you update your device to KitKat, you may need to remove the icon manually.With Cloud Print for Android in addition to printing you can do many more things such as - 

· Print from any compatible Android device to any Google Cloud Print connected printer.
·  Share a picture or a document directly to Cloud Print from apps like Gallery.
·  You can easily track the status of your print jobs.
·  You can Process printer invitations.
·  You can Open invitation links from email in Cloud Print.

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