How to run whatsapp on a computer

Whatsapp web service {Basically it may be use as hacking against those peoples, who don’t know about it} –Whatsapp is now well known and considered to be the largest messenger service in the world. Every person having a Smartphone device, use the whatsapp messenger service. It is the best way to share text massages, images or small videos. 

Whatsapp on PC/Laptop

It is an amazing messenger service but it is more amazing that
Out of 100 peoples using whatsapp messenger, 80 of them don’t know about whatsapp web service. That is one of the most amazing service provided by whatsapp originators. Whatsapp provide that service for those peoples who like to use whatsapp on their desktop computers which is a better way than using it on a mobile phone. By this facility you can easily start using whatsapp on your pc just within a minute.

Watch this Video on to see step by step explanatiom

All of your chats or contacts will automatically appear on desktop screen in just one click. Simply follow these steps –First you have to open the link by Clicking here 

Whats QR code Scan Image

{Now it will open like the image given  or slightly different}

 Here you get a QR(Quick Response) code like the one shown in red box in image above.

Now you have to scan this code through your smart phone.

For that open whatsapp messenger in your Smartphone (Remember that your whatsapp application have to be updated and connected to a network). 

Whatsapp in Smartphone

It will open like the image given below. 

Open whatsapp messenger in your Smartphone
Now touch on screen at options, thre small dots on the top right hand corner of your smart phone which are shown in red circle in image above. 
Option list will open as shown in the image given below. In this list touch on the “whatsapp web” option which shown by red box in image.

Select Whatsapp web
 After that you will get next screen that shown like the image given below. Here you will be prompted for scanning the QR code. Now scan the QR code and touch on “OK, GOT IT” as shown in the red box

                                          Whatsapp QR code screen in smartphone
After that you will get scanning window, as shown in the image given below. Take your code in this window, which is on your desktop screen like red box in image 1.
After scanning that code, in just few second your whatsapp come on your desktop screen. It will appear as shown in the image given below.
Whatsapp looks like this in PC/Laptop

Now you can use your whatsapp on your pc. Next click/touch to make active any chat, contact like displayed in the image above by clicking/touching red box contact and it will be open like the image below. Here you can chat with that contact. Send him images and videos just like on your Smartphone app.

Now use your Whatsapp similar to using on smart phone.

The only difference is that if your device is not touch enabled, you will have to use click instead of touch.

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