WhatsApp tips tricks special features you need to know

WhatsApp top tips & tricks special features you need to know

WhatsApp has more than 1 billion users and is considered to be the most widely used mobile messaging platform of the world. WhatsApp users send 42 billion messages, share over 1.7 billion images and 260 million videos each day. There are over 1 billion WhatsApp groups in the world and all this within a short span of 6 years. The company was purchased by facebook for a high amount of 19 billion dollars. Inspite of the large number of users, most of them don’t know some of the little tips and tricks which make their WhatsApp user experience better. Some of such tips and tricks are given below -

Whatsapp tricks and features
Backup your WhatsApp conversations and Restore to another device

WhatsApp allows you to easily transfer backup of your conversations to a new phone. First you have to backup your conversations  in your device - go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and Tap Back Up Now.

To restore backup, just download the WhatsApp app on a new device and open it. You’ll then be promoted to restore the chats from previous backup.

How to  Disable WhatsApp Read Receipts
Sometimes due to time scarcity or otherwise you want to disable WhatsApp Read Receipts and you don’t want people knowing that you’ve seen their message. In such case -

Go to Settings > Account > Privacy and set the Read Receipts option to off(uncheck the box).

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How to Save WhatsApp conversation as a text file

You can save your WhatsApp conversation as a text file –
Just open the chat for the individual or group for which you want to save your WhatsApp conversation as a text file>Tap on the Menu Button>Tap on More>Tap on Email chat>Choose whether to Attach Media or not. An email as a text document will be composed with your chat history attached.

How to Hide the Last Seen timestamp

You can disable the ‘Last Seen’ timestamp if you want no one to see the last time you were on the app. Then – 

Go to Settings > Account > Privacy>Tap “Last Seen” and then select, an option from My Contacts or Nobody.

How to Add text formatting to your messages

Recently WhatsApp has added this new feature. You can change your message text to bold, italics or strikethrough by simply putting the text between certain special characters such as (~tilde~) for strikethrough, (_italics_) for italics and (*bold*) for bold text.

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How to see who you chat the most in WhatsApp
To find out who you chat the most in WhatsApp – 

Go to Settings > Account > Storage Usage and see the list of people with the number of messages you’ve sent each other.

How to Block WhatsApp contacts

You can block any WhatsApp user from contacting you again. Its very simple but very effective against spammers. 

Just tap the header of the conversations (Either the name or number).Tap the three dots in top right, tap more and tap Block.

How to Star mark or mark as favourite a WhatsApp message

WhatsApp allows you to add messages as favorites by adding a star to individual messages – 

Just tap the massage and hold till a popup appears and then tap the star, a star will be added to the message.

To find the starred message at any time tap Settings and then tap Starred Messages. All your starred messages will appear.

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How to Mute WhatsApp group chats

Group chats in WhatsApp are great but sometimes the group chats can also be annoying and you want to disable it. The procedure of disabling is a little different in iOS and Android – 

On iPhone - open the group chat, tap the subject to get the Group Info screen, and then tap Mute and then choose the time frame.

On Android - open the chat, tap the Menu button, and tap Mute and then choose the time frame.

How to Stop media files automatically saving

Whatapps automatically saves all the sent and received media files to your device by default. This is handy, but this feature may occupy space in your phone, especially the videos. You can stop media files from being automatically saved.

Just go to Settings > Chats and set the Save Incoming Media switch to off.

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