Computer crashes-Causes and remedied

Computer crashes-Causes and remedied-Computer crash is a common problem faced by users. No windows user is unknown to the blue screen of death and other common error messages. Mostly the computer crashes don’t cause any damage but sometimes a crash may result in severe damage. We may need to reinstall entire operating system and may even suffer more severe loss like a part or device may be unusable and irreparable. Therefore, try to avoid crashes as far as it is possible.
Computer crashes-Causes and remedied

Computer crash due to wrong BIOS Settings

The BIOS setting of a computer is extremely important job because if there is a wrong setting may cause a system freeze. If you are not quite experienced never try to set the BIOS setup. Even if experienced, it is a good practice to keep a note of your settings so that in the event of any trouble you may go back to your old settings. BIOS errors are commonly related to CAS(Column Access Strobe) latency of the RAM. Set the IRQ to auto and switch plug and play assembly to yes to let the Microsoft windows do automatically.


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Computer crash related to Hard Disk Drive

Adequate free space on the hard drive of a PC is absolutely necessary as well as fragmented data also effect the smooth working of the system. If we don’t pay attention we keep on working and the data keeps defragmenting on the other side. If too much of the hard disk is full, it may cause computer crashes. Please defrag your hard disk frequently and keep the maximum possible free space. Delete all unwanted files and keep temp folder always empty. Always keep your recycle bin empty and frequently scan hard disk for errors. 



Computer crash due to Hardware conflict

The parts and devices installed on a computer system are unique for that particular system. If the devices installed on that system fail to communicate with each other through IRQ(Interrupt Request Channel), a computer crash occurs. This is known to be the cause of highest number of computer crashes. Please understand it in detail like this- Your computer has a removable storage drive, a keyboard, a printer etc. The removable storage drive uses IRQ6, The keyboard used IRQ1 and the printer is using IRQ 7. The installation software contains commands or instructions regarding which IR Channel should it use. While we work on the system, we keep many devices active and if the devices are not installed properly any of the IR channel may be used by more than one device. In such case a conflict may occur which may result in a computer crash.

Computer crash due to Malcode(Virus, Trojans, Malware)

Malware is a great threat not only to the computer but the entire web world. They not only slow down computers but can crash or cause irreparable damage to the system. Therefore always keep your system malware free and install a reliable anti malware software duly updated.


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Overheating is a cause of computer crashes

Overheating is related to the processor or the CPU(Central Processing Unit) of your system. Though adequate cooling arrangements are made by installing a fan over the CPU but an old CPU may get overheated even the fan is working. Sometime the fan stops and the CPU get over heated. In addition to combat this error by making better cooling arrangements, you can also remove this error by disabling your CPU Internal cache in your system BIOS. It will make your system smooth but it may run some slower. You can reset your system BIOS at any time to previous position.

Power supply may cause computer crash

Not only the power failure but a sudden spike or surge may also cause a computer crash. Therefore, installing a good UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) unit will be a better decision. Cost of the power supply is nothing in comparison with the cost of your valuable data.


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Computer crash caused by Printers

Printers hove less memory(Buffer) which gets overloaded because When we print a document a bigger file(Postscript) is generated. and the printer uses CPU power and may effect your computer performance. Sometimes a document we print may contain some characters which are usually not in use and the printer fails to recognize them. This situation may result in a crash.

Computer crash due to Ram malfunction

RAM(Random Access memory) causes a severe error commonly known as “The blue screen of death”. It is a fetal error and may damage hardware too and you may need to replace the damaged part. Mismatched chips like mixing a 70ns and 60ns may also cause a fatal error in case the PC is overloaded. Increasing the wait state in your BIOS setup may prove helpful. Rearranging the RAM chips on your mother board may also be helpful. RAM also causes the parity error, mixing the non parity(Non ECC) and Parity ECC(Error Correction Code) may cause trouble. EMM386 Error is related to DOS based program or lack of free memory and not due to RAM problem.


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Outdated, obsolete and incompatible improperly installed software

Software are a great cause of computer crashes. An improperly installed software will not function properly and cause frequent crashes. Uninstalling and reinstalling the malfunctioning software may solve the problem. Old, obsolete or software incompatible with current operating system may cause computer crashes. A program designed for win95 or win98 may have different system registry entry and may not function properly in winxp, win7 or newer versions. Cleaning the registry entries and installing the program compatible with your current operating system may remove the problem.


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