Delete account on any website-Use JustDelete

What is JustDelete a great utility to Delete account on any website JustDelete Features

Some sites provide a specific service but they need to have an account to be created with them before using their service. So we create an account on many websites. Social media sites like face book, twitter need to have an account to be created with them. Sometimes we feel that an account is no longer required and want to delete it but the website does not want to delete the account because as we delete the account there number of account will be reduced which will effect there total number of accounts and effect their advertisers opinion, They therefore do not provide the link to delete the account and if any site provides account deletion link it is so complicated and time consuming task that instead of finding such link we leave the websites or some times prefer to close the accounts instead of deleting the account. It is the tendency of almost all the websites that they make such arrangements in their software that a member once joined can not delete his account easily.
Delete account on any website-Use JustDelete

To combat this problem ‘Justdelete’ gives you the facility to delete your account on more than 125 popular sites. For this you need to go to HERE. Here you will find a list of famous websites and four categories of account depending on, how hard it is to delete it is like, easy, medium and difficult or impossible to delete. From this you can understand, how difficult or easy it is to delete an account on a particular site. Google extension is also available.

How to use JustDelete to delete An account with a website 

The process for deleting an account is easy. To delete an account with a website go to THIS WEBSITE and select the site where you want to delete your account. Finding your site at justdelete is easy. To find popular sites click “Popular”, To find in alphabetical order click “A-Z” and do find according the deleting difficulty click “Difficulty”.

Suppose You want to delete your Facebook account-

Find facebook using appropriate menu and click. 

Click on the site name in color Strip.

You will be asked to login to face book. 

Login to face book using your ID and password. 

A dialogue box like this will appear.
Delete account screen
Click “Delete my account” and your account will be deleted.

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