Free Convert Online the Format of All Document, Audio, Video, Picture

File Format converter - Free Convert Online the Format of All Document, Audio, Video, Picture

There are number of file formats and file of a certain format needs related software to run properly. An Audio, Video and picture files can’t run on all devices. This happens due to their being in different formats. For instance a video shoot on a handicam will not run on computer and some times a snap taken on mobile does not display on a tab. This all happens due to their being in different formats. In such cases we need to convert the format of such file to make them run properly. There are a large number of file formats available and it will be very difficult have so many format converters installed on our system. There are a number of websites availing solution of this problem, but there is a site where almost all type of format converters are available free of cost. You need not to install any software in your computer. You can easily convert the format of your file online.
Free Convert Online the Format of All Document,

Types of File Formats available for Conversion

Almost all the most commonly used formats like Audio, Video, Image, Documents, and E-Books are available and you can easily get your files converted into your desired format. Archive Conversion facility is also available for the formats which are out dated and are not in current use. If you can't find the conversion you need, you can contact the Admit sending an e-mail. The Admin of the site will try his best to help you.

Protection of User Privacy

The site fully protects the privacy of the users. All Emails are automatically deleted within 24 hours. If a user wants, he can delete the email him self at any time.

File Format Conversion Time and Email Facility

The files are converted as soon as possible mostly instant but some large files may take more time. In such cases a facility to get your file on email is also available.

Integrated Search box to Search Desired File Format

If your desired format’s information is not there, an internal search like one given below is also available. You can find your desired format of file existing and desired formats in both the boxes.
Conversion option screen

How to convert the Format of your file On Line Free

First of all you check the existing format of your file and then decide the format in which you want to convert it. Now go to this Site. Here you will find more than a hundred formats. Most of the commonly used conversions are displayed in the form of drop down menus on the home page.

Now suppose you want to convert a MS Word document to PDF format, click the drop down menu under document convertor, select Convert to PDF and click “GO” Now another screen like this will appear –
Multi option screen

Here you have to upload the document to be converted. You can upload a document from your computer or from your cloud storage “Dropbox”. Select the desired location, select the document and click “Convert File”. The document will start to upload and upload progress will be displayed.

The document will be converted to PDF. Now you can down load the converted document like downloading the other ordinary documents. Click save and save the converted document at desired location on your hard drive while the following screen appears -
Draft save screen

In a nut shell I can say this site gives you every facility related to file conversion from any format to any to any format at no cost with many additional facilities. This may be rated the best site in the matter of file format conversion.

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