PUP SpeedUpMyComputer, how in come to PC, actions to removal PUP

Potentially unwanted program Speed Up My Computer, causes, actions and removal

The potentially unwanted application Speed Up My Computer developed by smart weak widely advertised and distributed as an important instrument to improve the speed and all-round performance of your computer’s system but in fact this potentially unwanted program may act as a tool to boost the spread of various potentially dangerous programs that may be distributed by the third party. Speed Up My Computer to your computer without your knowledge and proper permission. If one apply some mind he should think that if the program is so useful and a good system optimiser then why it comes bundled with another software.

Potentially unwanted program SpeedUpMyComputer, causes, actions and removal

 How can Speed Up My Computer reach your 


1.   In most often cases Speed Up My Computer may be bundled with lots of freeware and shareware files.

2.   Even if you don’t want to download this application it  can  come   into your computer though   you are not expecting it at all.

3.   If you visit the developers website it will come to your computer.

4.   Its link is http://www.smarttweak.us/smc/details/ but please never visit this link

What Speed Up My Computer does in your 


1.     Crumple your System Memory cause program and windows to start slower.

2.     Crumple your Network cause network to run slower.

3.     Crumple your Graphics and video cause gamed, videos and graphics to run slower.

4.     Crumple your CPU cause all your program to run slower.

5.     Crumple your System Registry cause program and windows to start slower.

6.     Crumple your System Resources adversely effects the stability of your system.

7.     Your default search provider may be changed into

8.     Ask.com. As far it is present in your system it constantly keeps on performing various system scans and displaying you bogus notifications about non existing problems related to computer memory, network, system registry etc.

9.     If you click on ‘Fix All Issues’ option, you will be offered to download a particular program and then enter the registry key.

How can you prevent Speed Up My Computer from reaching your computer

1.     Always avoid to download any software unless your sure about the reliability of its source.

2.     Irresponsible  download most the internet may prove very harmful and you shouldn’t be surprised if your computer is infected by potentially unwanted and dangerous applications.

3.     If you choose a program that you want to download you have to check its it is genuineness and reliability.

4.     Always mind that the safety of your computer’s system is more important than rushing to install a program in haste.

How to remove The potentially unwanted application Speed Up My Computer

To remove this potentially unwanted program from your computer -

1.   Click ‘Start’ and go to ‘Control Panel’.

2.   Click ‘Uninstall a Program’.

3.   Locate and select Speed Up My Computer from the list of programs.

4.   Click ‘Uninstall/Change’.

5.   Click  ‘Yes’.    

6.   If you have a quality third party uninstaller use it and when prompted click ‘delete Remains’

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