Dreadful Facts of CVD(CardioVascular Disease) precautions and protections against CVD

Protect from Dreadful CVD(CardioVascular Disease) and its Implications

CVD(CardioVascular Disease) is a category of diseases which covers all the diseases related to Heart and stroke. CVD is the number 1 killer in the world because it takes the lives of about 17500000 people per year in the world and it is estimated that CVD will be the main cause of death and disability in 2020 and 50% of the total population of the world will be CVD patient in the coming 16 years. Out of the above 17500000 deaths 25% victims are from India alone. The experts of The World Heart Federation, are of the opinion that the diseases of this category can be prevented or minimized by proper eating habits and regular exercises or other physical activities. The activities mentioned below may give positive results –

Protect yourself fromCVD(CardioVascular Disease) and its Dreadful Fact

Physical Activities For Age Group of 5 years to 17 years to protect from CVD

Children and teenagers of this age group must involve themselves in physical activities at least for 1 hour(60 Minutes) per day. This may increase their concentration capabilities, helps proper growth and protects them from unwanted Obesity. Parents must frequently take them for outing and encourage them for cycling and other similar activities  etc. Researches reveal that hard work and physical activity of this period may protect them from CVD for next 40-50 years.

Physical Activities For adults of the age group from 18 years to 64 years to protect from CVD

For this age group a mild physical activity(See Note below) at least for 150 minutes per week or a rigorous physical activity(See Note below)  at least for 75 minutes per week may be helpful to protect them from  Coronary Heart disease, High blood pressure, stroke and Diabetes type-2. This activity reduces the risk of heart diseases by 30% and the risk of Diabetes type-2 by 27%.

Physical Activities For Elders of the age of 65 and above to protect from CVD

Special attention is required for people of this age group because cardiovascular problems may turn extremely severe in this age. If you are already doing some type of physical activity it is well and good but if you are starting new, first discuss your physician and then start for a small amount of times like 5 minutes per day or so and then increase the time step by step. If you face any difficulty report it immediately to your physician. Mild physical activity like Gardening, dancing, waking, yoga, Pranayam etc. may be done by the people of this age group


Note -

1.    1. Mild physical activity - Gardening, dancing, waking, yoga, Pranayam, indoor games  and doing house hold activities etc. and other similar activities are included.

2. Rigorous physical activity – Running, cycling, swimming, outdoor games and other similar activities are included.

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