Diabetes Mellitus-Green vegetables Very helpful to control all types of diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus-Green vegetables Very helpful to control diabetes

While a lab. Test revealed that the blood glucose level of my mother after meals is above 500 mg/dl where as the normal blood glucose level of a human is below 180 mg/dl. The whole family was disturbed and I was totally upset. The Dr. advised Tablet Glimestar PM 2 with principle meals and the blood glucose was normal the very next day. Though the Diabetes is the most common disorders afflicting a large number of people across the world but luckily very effective medicines are also available. 

Diabetes Mellitus-Green vegetables Very helpful to control diabetes

The disease can be controlled and the effected person can live his normal life without effecting its span but no medication is available so far permanently getting rid permanently of it. The condition requires a strict diet regime that needs to be adopted in addition. In continuation to my previous article, here I give some vegetables which may prove very helpful to the diabetics -
Sweet Potatoes for Diabetics

Please don’t be afraid of the word sweet as the Sweet potatoes are very lightly sweet in taste but they contain anthocyanins which are capable of controlling sugar levels in the blood. Sweet potatoes also have anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties making them very helpful for diabetics.
Broccoli for Diabetics

Broccoli is considered to be one of the top healthiest vegetables in the world. It contains an important compound of sulforaphane and sulforaphane has an important roll in regulating the  blood sugar levels of human body. In the opinion of experts Broccoli is a vegetable which must certainly be included in the food of diabetics.
Carrots for Diabetics

 A very good source of vitamin-A and iron, carrots are easily available worldwide at a considerably low cost. Carrots contain beta-carotene which has ability of controlling blood sugar in the human body. The Vitamin A contained in carrots boosts functioning of the immune system and has a very positive effect on eyes.
Spinach for Diabetics

All the Green leafy vegetables are known to be great nutrient and spinach is considered one of the best Green leafy vegetable. It also effectively reduces the blood sugar in the human body and risk of diabetes. People who eat spinach daily reduce their blood glucose level and risk of diabetes up to 20 percent.

Beans for Diabetics

Very rich in fiber and protein Beans have a low glycemic index. Every which has a low glycemic index is considered to be a natural combatants against diabetes.
Beetroots for Diabetics

Beetroots are capable of regulating both the blood sugar levels and blood pressure in the human body. They are one of the most helpful vegetables for diabetics. It is estimated that a
glass of beetroot juice may lower systolic pressure of blood by up to 5 points.

Garlic for Diabetics

Almost an essential part of every kitchen Garlic is not only a flavoring agent but it is a healthier food too. As far as the diabetes is concerned, garlic is one of the best to be included to the foods of diabetics. The nutrient contents of garlic are very helpful to regulate blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels and blood sugar.
Kale(Cauliflower) for Diabetics

Kale(Cauliflower) is a very tasty and most liked vegetable. It is rich in iron, potassium and vitamins B6 and K. Kale(Cauliflower)  is very helpful foods for  diabetics  specially  in adults or diabetes type 2.

Cabbage for Diabetics

Cabbage and Kale(Cauliflower) belong to the same specie (group). It is wonderfully helpful for diabetics. Cabbage helps to lower sugar levels in human blood. The  insulin is responsible to regulate blood sugar levels in the human body which is released by the pancreas. Cabbage helps the pancreas to function normally.
Asparagus for Diabetics

Asparagus is widely used as an ingredient of a number of Ayurvedic and Yunani medicines. It is a very good food for boosting pancreas and kidney function and  boosting insulin levels in the body, which controls the level of glucose in the human blood.

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