Diabetes mellitus Effects, Types, Complications Treatment of Diabetes Mallitus

Diabetes mellitusDiabetes is a disease related to pancrease, a gland like organ in the in the endocrine and digestive syatem. This gland sacrets harmons into the human blood and the insulin harmon sacred by pancreas has an effective role in the digestion of glucose. If the pancreas does not produce adequate amount of insulin or the insulin produced is of inferior quality, it causes a presence of abnormal level of glucose in blood. The normal blood glucose levels in a healthy human are around 100 mg/dl. If the glucose level is considerably lower or higher than this he is considered to be a diabetic.

Diabetes mellitus

Effects of Diabetes Mallitus

The glucose is energy and if it is not digested, it causes a lot of problems. Kidneys, Lungs, brain Heart and eyes may be damaged. Extreme low level of glucose may cause hypoglycemia popularly called extreme low blood sugar or Hyperglycemia in the cases of high blood sugar. Kidneys, Lungs, brain Heart and eyes are always at risk. Severe Hypoglycemia or Hyperglycemia may prove fetal and even may resultin coma followed by death.

Types of Diabetes Mallitus

Diabetes Mallitus Type 1

This is common in children and occurs when the pancreas fails to produce insulin, and the effected persons neet injections regularly or have to an insulin pump. This type of diabetes was previously termed as Juvinile diabetes or the insulin-dependent diabetes.

Diabetes Mallitus Type 2

This is common in adults and occurs when the pancreas fails to produce insulin but the cells fail to use insulinit properly, sometimes combined with an absolute insulin deficiency. This type of diabetes was previously termed as adult diabetes or the non insulin-dependent diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes or Diabetes Mallitus Type 3 

This type of when the women are pregnant and the and in some cases the pancreas gland is presses by the womb and the insulin generated by it is blocked. This becomes normal after the delivery while the pressed pancreas is released. 

Congenital Diabetes Mallitus 

This type of diabetes occurs as a result of genetic insulin secretion disorder.


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More type of Diabetes Mallitus

Steroid Diabetes resulting from glucocorticoids high doses, monogenic and some other less common diabetes.

Complications of Diabetes Mallitus 

Diabetes Mallitus Can cause a lot of complications if not properly treated. Diabetic ketoacidosis and nonketotic hyperosmolar coma are acute complications and chronic renal failure, cardiovascular disease, diabetic retinopathy (damage of the ratina), problem in decision making may occure due to inadequate blood supply to brain are long term complications.


Treatment of Diabetes Mallitus 

All or any type of diabetes is treatable. If you live a life as per the standards and properly follow the directions of your physiation you can live normal life without any effect on lifespan.

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