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How to permanently delete a wordpress blog in easy steps

The deletion of a word press blog is very easy process but not so easy as in blogger blog where blog can be deleted just in a single click. Blogger provides everything very easy. I think in comparison with other blogging platforms blogger is easiest. Though a number of people recommend word press but in my view wordpress is much more complicated in comparison with blogger. To delete a word press blog follow these easy steps -

How to permanently delete a wordpress

Go to official website of word press(

Login with your registered email ID and pass word. Your wordpress account will be opened.
Now click my sites-
Word press my sites menu
Now all your blogs listed with word press will be displayed like 
List of your Wordpress blogs
Please select the one which you want to delete. Now you have to go to the dash board. To go to dash board click “WP Admin” as shown in the image below.
Wordpress Admin Option
The dash board will open like this –
Wordpress blog tools
Now hover over “Tools” as indicated in the image above. Now more options will appear like this –
Wordpress blog delete option
Please click “Delete Site” as indicated in the image above. Now the following screen will appear-
Give reason to delete wordpress blog
Now please choose a reason for blog deletion from the options given. Now the next screen will appear like the image given below.
Refine blog deletion reason
It is also about the reasons of deletion in detail with drop down menu. You can read more here by clicking the drop down options. Now select any of the option by clicking on it. Now the final deletion screen will appear like the one given below –
Final step of wordpress blog deletion
Now think twice before clicking the “Delete Now” button. Now the following screen will appear –
Wordpress blog deletion confirmation

Now check the button and click “Delete Now” button as indicated in the image above. Now you will receive the following message on the screen-

“Thank you. Please check your email for a link to confirm your action. Your site will not be deleted until this link is clicked.”

Now your actions related to your word press blog deletion on the official website of word press( are over. Word press will send you an email on your registered email ID to confirm the deletion. Please login to your email ID registered with word press and confirm deletion after careful application of mind as this action can not be undone. Please note that the email will be deleted automatically after a certain time and the entire action will be cancelled.

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