ES File Explorer File Manager a must have utility for Android Smartaphone and tablet

ES File Explorer File Manager a must have utility for Android Smartaphone and Tablet

ES File Explorer is a full featured free to download file manager for smart phones operating on the android OS. It makes very easy to manage your applications, Files-Folders, Photos-Videos both locally and online. This file manager is being used by more than 500 million android users and considered to be world’s No-1 file manager for android OS. This application is developed by strong group and occupies only 4.8 MB of space. The ES Explorer File Manager available at Google App Store  for download free of cost. You must have android 2.o or higher version installed on your smart phone.

ES File Explorer File Manager for Android Smartaphone and tablet

Features and specifications of ES File Explorer File Manager

1.     You can install applications and check zip files, Play music and viseos, check images and files at one click.

2.     Supports Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive(SkyDrive),, amazonS3, Yandex, Sugarsync and many more cloud storage services.

3.     You can create shortcuts, backup, sort category wise install your apps easily.

4.     You can work on your smartphone as if you are working on a desktop computer. You will get all options available on desktop computer like ‘Create’, ‘Delete’, ‘Select, ‘Copy’, ‘Cut’, ‘Paste’. ’Hide’, ‘Rename’, ‘Send’, ’Share’, ‘Search’, ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘Shortcuts’.

5.     Possible to perform these actions both on the local files and remotely on network.

6.     You can manage your smart phone files from your computer by enabling the ‘Remote File Manager’.

7.     Through your smart phone’s wi-fi- you can access static PC(It may be at your Home or Office).

8.     It has a built in Zip support for compressing/decompressing Zip Files.

9.     You can unpack your RAR Files with built in RAR support.

10.  Displays thumbnails for your images and APKs(Android Application Package).

11.  You can view or edit text.

12.  Supports other apps like quick office.

13.  Image viewers, music and video players included.

14.  A widget remains active on your home screen displaying current RAM position. It automatically kills tasks except those in your ignore list. (The task manager module is needed)

15.  Copy paste feature available between blue tooth enabled devices.

16.  Delete junk and free up space. (The task manager module is needed)

17.  Supports a large number of languages.


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