Search Engine-How it works, index websites and decides Precedence webpages

Search Engine-How it works, index websites and decides Precedence webpages-A search engine is a mechanism, a system developed by software experts which in response to our web search queries lists web pages available any where in the world on the Internet. This facilitates search by offering an immediate result with variety of available options. At present internet is an important part of our routine life. Imagine for a moment that what will happen if there is no search facility. Perhaps the internet will be of no use if there is no search facility. 

Search Engine-How it works, index websites and decides Precedence webpages

There are a number of search engines working in the web world. Search engines are also called search bots and named after its owner like Googlebot, Bingbot etc. In the forgoing paragraphs comprehensive information about how the search engine works are given.

What is a search Engine

A search engine is not a physical engine or a spider or a crawler as it appears from its name but in fact it is a software or a program capable of searching a specific keyword or a phrase in a huge database, corresponding to user specified keywords or phrases. It is capable of finding desired particulars like websites and their contents irrespective of their location on the World Wide Web. 

Though the term is often used to specifically describe the world’s famous search systems like Google, Bing and Yahoo and other names like ‘Googlebot’ ‘Bingbot’ but in real search engine is a general class of programs which displays the search results in a line often referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs).


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What is a web crawler or web spider

Unlike something a physical or a live crawling insect, a crawler is a program, a software that visits Websites reads their links, phrases, images and other information to create entries for a search engine index. All the major web search engines like Google, Bing, MSN and all have other have such a program. 


This software is also known as a "spider" or a "bot." An Internet bot that systematically browses the World Wide Web, for the purpose of indexing is called a Web crawler. The web crawlers are also called Web spiders or an ant that indexes automatically in the FOAF software context a web scutter. A web crawler is a script that scans Internet pages to create an index of data.

How Search Engines Work

People may feel strange that how a search engine responds search queries and displayed the results before us in a brilliant way within seconds or some times within a fraction of seconds. Search Engine adopts the following procedure –

Indexing the websites and their contents by search engine

Each and every search engines has a crawler or spider, that crawls the entire world wide web to index websites and their data into the database of the relative search engines. The indexing is based on the keywords found in side them. Crawlers or spiders browse all the websites through which it came through like an ordinary browser and stores the data in the search engine’s database. Thus all the search engines create a huge database of all websites world wide. This entire process is called the indexing.


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How Web Crawlers Reach to Your Website

First the search engine reaches a web page, it indexes it and go to the next page through the links of the page and lands to another page for indexing. If a page or website has been indexed, it revisits it regularly to crawl it and index it again and again. By crawling or indexing of websites search engines maintain a huge database in which almost all important data including the URLs of the web pages are kept. Some of the search engines work in co-ordination and use the data of each other.

How search engines provide responses display results

Whenever someone searches for some keywords or key phrases on a particular search engine, it traces the data in question in its database or the database of other coordinating search engine’s database and provides the result. Thus we can say that the search engine usually picks results from its database and displays them to the users. 

How Do Search Engines Decide the Precedence of a webpage 

Now there is a very important question that how a search engine decides the precedence of the results? By precedence I mean to say that there may be data of millions of website stored in the database of a search engines for a particular keyword or a set of keywords. Now which phrase will be listed on top or on first page by the search engine. For this purpose search engines have their own set of rules called Algorithm and based on it the search engines decides the set of results for a particular keywords search. 


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The search engines keep on changing the basis their rules. For instance previously this priority was decided on the basis of the number of back links a web page has. Each back link was considered as a vote while deciding the rank of that page but now the page ranks are decided on the basis of likes on social media websites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. the page has received. There are hundreds of other factors effecting the ranking of a page and the ranking factor decides the fate of a website in search results.

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