How to remove Malware Wincheck and how Harmful is Wincheck

Howto remove Malware Wincheck and how Harmful is Wincheck-The ad-supported application Wincheck is a program compatible with the all popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer etc. It may claim to be a very useful tool, but in fact it is a harmful malware and you must never rely on this claim or anything like it. It claims to be a tool to improve your browsing experience but instead of enhancing your browsing experience it will totally spoil it by filling your browsers with annoying and endless commercial data. Mainly this application is designed to generate web traffic.
Malware threates for computer

How Wincheck comes to your computer.

Wincheck is distributed bundled with other freeware and shareware(Free to download) and get installed on your computer system without your permission and runs in the back ground automatically each time you boot your computer.

What Wincheck does in your Computer

• Wincheck start automatically every time when the Computer 
boots up.

• It will disturb all your browsers because it is compatible with 
all major web browsers.

• It presents you with sponsored links, banners, pop-ups, 
interstitial ads, commercial videos. 

• Wincheck displays different types of adverts.

• You will receive fake services, products links to none existing 
surveys and lotteries.

• The bogus lotteries will be aimed at getting your personal 

• You may receive fake ads for software or updates that are 
potentially unwanted.

• It will slow down your internet performance.

• It will affect the loading time of websites.

• It will make your system slower than usual.

How to remove Wincheck from your PC

If you want to remove Wincheck automatically, please download a reliable anti-malware application and run a full system scan. The malware will automatically detect and remove all components of the adware Wincheck or other malware if any and you will be completely safe. 


If you want to remove Wincheck manually, please follow these steps 

How to remove Wincheck from Windows XP

• Click ‘Start’

• Click ‘Control Panel’

• Click ‘Add or remove programs’

• Locate Wincheck and Remove.

How to remove Wincheck from Windows 7 and Vista

• Click ‘Start’ 

• Click ‘Control Panel’

• Click ‘Uninstall a program’

• Locate the adware and Uninstall

How to remove Wincheck from Windows 8

• Press Win+C 

• Choose Settings

• Choose Control Panel

• Choose Uninstall a program

• Delete Wincheck

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