Block Websites to Protect Children being Victims of Cyber Criminals

Protect your Children from being the Victims of Cyber Criminals

Block your self the Websites-If you are a mother or father of an innocent child who uses the computer and internet at your home, then this information is definitely for you. You may have always be worried, which websites my child visits frequently. It may be Facebook, mysoace, Orkut or some other social media site. Parents are also worries about what type of information, photos, videos the children are sharing and are they sharing personal information with strangers ? A parent’s tension does not end here, they are also worried , weather their children are visiting sex websites frequently or occasionally. I am with the parents because I am also a mother.

Don’t be a  Victims of Cyber Criminals-Block your self the Website

 The easy solution of this problem is to place the system at place where you remain present always or most of the time and check the activities time to time, but this is not a correct solution and it may also be frustrating for the children .Another solution is to get some software which may be costly. But let us talk about an easiest solution which is in your hands and you can block as many sites as you want.

The Best solution to protect your Children from Cyber Criminal is in your Hands-Follow the following simple procedure-


1.    Run Command(Click “Start” and click “Run”)


2.    Type this command “notepad c:\Windows\system\etc]host” and submit.


3.    The ‘Notepad’ will open with some encrypted like text.

4.    Leave the text as it is.


5.    Go to the end or press ‘Ctrl+End’


6.    Press ‘Enter’ and write “” (Replace ‘Example’ by the name of the website to be blocked.

Please note that each line will block one site and if you want to 
block 5 sites you have to write the command 5 times by pressing 
‘Enter’  like this –


Now save the file and exit. You can unblock the blocked sites at any time by removing the lock. Your children may be too smarter than you so you need a constant vigil otherwise they will remove the lock without your information.

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