TreeSize Free-A good disk space management tool, download free

TreeSize Free-A good disk space management tool, download free

Tree size free is very useful to arrange your local hard drive space. This software is developed by JAM Software and is available free to down . It works successfully on both 32 bit and 64 bit edition of windows 200, windows XP, windows Server 2003, windows 7, windows vistha and windows server 2008. It locates your disk space and scans locally sync. Cloud share and network drivers. Though Microsoft windows provides a very goo and easy option ‘windows explorer for this purpose but tree size free has many extra and easy options.

TreeSize Free-A good disk space management tool, download free

It s a free to download software.

1.Guaranteed Privacy and Data Security- The tree size free reads the size of the folders and sub folders and never reads its contents automatically thus the privacy of data and security of windows remaind guaranteed.

2.     NTFS Compression – The software tree size free is capable of displaying the rate of NTFS compression. It can also apply the NTFS compression to your directories and branches.

3.     Flexible Filters – Tree size free provides filters to break down the scan. With the help of these filters you can locate the files of a particular category such as image files, temporary files or the text file. This provides useful information to clean up your hard drive by removing unnecessary files.

4.     Column View – This feature displays the detailed information of individual files such as number of files, size of files, owner of the file, date of last access and many other information.

5.     High scan speed and instant results – The software tree size free has extremely high speed because it works MFT(Master File Table). It provides instant results as the scanning operation runs in a thread

6.     Runs in background.

7.     Drag and drop mathods are supported.

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