The Potentially Harmful Malware Windows Web How to Remove windows web from Windows

Remove The Potentially Harmful Malware Windows Web

Window Web, a Potentially Harmful and insecure browser add-on is developed by SuperWeb LLC, notorious for number of identical program, like SnipSmart, Grassmow, FlippyRoo, and many other ad-supported browser add-ons and distributed by freeware websites bundled with their free to download packs, media players and browser add-ons. The program claims to be developed to enhance users browsing experience but in real it hijacks user’s browsers and provides him unwanted interstitial advertisements, web banners, pop-ups, and in-line ads. The developers neither monitor, nor they endorse these third party adds.
The Potentially Harmful Malware Windows Web
This malware mostly comes to your system bundled with free software therefore always down load/update the software from the site of the developer for example if you want to down load/update flash player, always download it from and if you want to download/update Java always go to and never to an other website.

What Window Web does in your PC

· Windows Web will change your start page and search settings so that the effected browser frequently visits their site or other one of their choice. 

· Window Web can be employed by cyber criminals to drive more traffic to their deceptive websites and mislead computer users into downloading malware or revealing their personal information.

· You cannot know to which website Window Web will redirect you without your permission and knowledge.

· Window Web automatically, without permission and knowledge records important information related to you, your browsers and your browsing habits.

· This browser add-on keeps a records of your clicks, impressions, searches, settings of your browser, and other details from your browsers for the purpose selecting and providing you new ads.

· You will receive useless and annoying pop-ups inviting you to participate quiz or bogus surveys, play games and even for updating browsers or Java script.

How to get rid of Window Web

The best solution is to stop it from coming in to your machine. For this you have to install a reliable anti virus/anti malware software to keep your system always protected.

How to remove windows web from Windows Vista and Windows7

· Click Start.

· Click Control Panel.

· Click Uninstall a program.

· Uninstall the unwanted program Window Web.

How to remove windows web from Windows XP

· Click Start.

· Select Control Panel.

· Click Add or Remove Programs.

· Uninstall the unwanted program Window Web.

How to remove windows web from Windows 8


 · Right-click the lower-left corner of the screen.

· Click Control Panel options.

· Click Uninstall a program.

· Remove the unwanted program Window Web.


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