How to fix RAM related booting trouble CPU runs but No Signal in monitor

How to fix RAM related booting trouble, CPU runs but No Signal in monitor, locally

Some times while we try to boot our computer we find that the computer is running but our display device(CRT, LCD or LED monitor) is not receiving any signal from our Central Processing Unit and displays a message “No Signal”. This may be due to various reason. Most of the reasons may not be repairable by us but some of such troubles may be removed by us easily without any risk. However, the process is very easy but we need to be very careful during the entire process. 

RAM related booting trouble, CPU runs but No Signal in monitor, locally

The most common cause of this trouble, faced by computer users is a minor trouble in your system RAM(Random Access Memory). In fact Your RAM stick is OK but it is not responding due to some dust particles or rust on the inserting end of it and you can easily remove this trouble yourself by following these steps –

Common Causes of RAM related booting trouble

This type of booting trouble may occur due to one or more of the following reasons.

1.     A sudden crash.

2.     Frequent power fluctuations may cause disconnection.

3.     Rust or dust particles in the RAM slot or on the RAM stick end which may cause a disconnection.

4.     Moisture in the surroundings, which may cause rust on RAM stick end..

5.     Improper fitting of RAM stick may cause disconnection.

How to fix RAM related booting trouble locally·

1.    Switch of your Computer.

2.     Unplug the system’s Power Supply(As a safe guard against shock hazard).

3.     Unscrew and remove the left side cover of your computer case.

4.     Inside your computer case you will see/find memory slots on your mother board. The number of memory slots may be 1 to 4 depending upon your hardware manufacturer and RAM of your computer. Each computer may have different number of chips installed on it. The RAM sticks are firmly inserted into the slots and locked at both the ends.

5.     Now remove the locks of the RAM stick ends by carefully pressing them outwards to unlock the RAM stick.

6.     After removing the locks of the RAM stick ends, remove the chip from the RAM slot, clean the portion as indicated by a good quality cleaner.

7.     Clean the RAM slot with the help of a clean soft cloth and cleaner. Use a rubber(Pencil eraser) to clean the RAM end for best results.

8.     Re-insert the RAM stick in the correctly and press. If it is correctly inserted, it will be locked automatically otherwise try to re-insert changing its side.

9.     Put the computer cover back and fix the screws.

10.  Plug the power cable back and restart your computer.

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