Fake Emails, Nigerian Fraud Emails-precautions and safety measures against Fraudsters

Beware of such fake, Nigerian Fraud Emails-precautions and safety measures

One of my father’s friend visited my house with a story that they have been cheated and lost an amount of INR-18500($-300.00) and If we can do anything for them. I immediately understood that what had happened with them but asked them to tell the full story. Their story was not much different from many others. In brief they received an email stating that they have been selected for a huge prize by a prestigious multinational company. They need to pay $-300.00 or INR-18500.00 towards processing and other charges. They were called at the New Delhi international Air Port with the amount, Identification documents and the attached form duly filled and verified by a reliable authority. The met the culprit at the New Delhi air port and handed over the amount to him. He gave them a bogus mobile number and instructed to meet him in a prestigious hotel at 7 PM and went his way. As the culprit was not traceable again, help from police was sought but all in vain.

Beware of such fake, Nigerian Fraud Emails-precautions and safety measures
I requested the gentlemen to open the mail in my computer. On seeing the mail I noted that the sender is very claver and smart. The attached form was beautifully designed in multicolor using company’s genuine looking logo and the information contained in the form looked like it was following the international laws. The form contained two phone numbers with London’s STD code, an email ID registered at live.com, signed in blank as accepted and an option of payment as diplomatic channels. I asked the victims that their whole family is highly educated and weather they consider the following before deciding the payment –

1. What they have done for the business house that they considered to award them such a huge amount.

2. The email is registered at live.com and why a company having its own website has registered an email address on an email service providing website.

3. The company has considerable branch network in India and the nearest to your residence is less than 200 KM away from your house where as New Delhi is 325 KM, why they deputed an officer from their London office.

4.The company deals in millions in India then why diplomatic channel for payment.

5. Why did not you consider to make payment at company’s nearest cash counter and obtain a cash receipt.


The victims accepted that on hearing such a huge reward their senses stopped working.

My aim of narrating this storey is that every body must be aware of the fact that how cheaters trick their targeted victims. Most of such frauds are done by Nigerians and that’s why these frauds are named as “Nigerian Frauds”.

Another type of Nigerian Fraud emails

I receive 2-3 emails with the following Nature –

The sender claims to be senior executive of a bank at Burkina Faso and he has a huge amount at his sole discretion in unclaimed accounts due to the death of the account holder, his leaving the country etc. He needs to dispose the amount through me and for this he will pay me 50% of the real amount. For this purpose he needs certain amount to create my account there.

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Please note that the sender is neither a bank official nor any bank man is involved in it. Main point to think is that a lot of people are available in Burkina Faso and there will not be any need to search worldwide through Email.

Recently received emails from Nigerian fraudsters –

On 29 September 2014 my father received a mail(Image Uploaded)that he has earned $-752.22 from some Gretchen.money@cash4u.com with a link to a video for earning $-50.00 per month and another link to earn $-100.00 per hour.

Fake email design

In the above context shouldn’t we think seriously that they do not know me and I don’t know them, than how I earned the considerable amount of $-752.22. Does he want to know my account details.

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On 29 September 2014 my father received a mail(Image Uploaded) about various attractive offers from some noreply@gmail.com and asked to click the Read More button. Most important point to be considered here is that all no reply mails from gmail or any other web site contain information related their respective website matters only
Sample Nizerian E

Here I want to clarify that If some one clicks such links, instead of receiving dollars, his system will receive malware and even entire system may be spoiled.

What can we do for safety from such mails, Nigerian Fraud

1. Always avoid to click any attachment to such mails.

2. Never click any link given.

3. If you hover your mouse on such link, the actual link will be displayed in bottom left corner of your browser but this is not always true.

4. Drop such mails in spam folder immediately where it will automatically deleted after 30 days.

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