5 Easy ways to Boost up your computer Speed, Increase PC speed

5 Easy ways to Boost up your computer Speed

My computer is slow, it takes long time to boot, it take long time to execute program and loading web pages’, yes it a general complaint of a large number of computer users. Some times it is seen that the old machines work well but the new machines don’t perform well. Instead of finding the real cause of the problem, people generally  blame the machine for this problem. There are a lot of factors effecting the performance of your machine. I am giving you some very easy steps to improve the performance of your system. Surprisingly you need not to be a high skilled computer user for these steps.

Easy ways to Boost up your computer Speed

Delete Unnecessary Files from your Hard Disk to Increase Computer speed

Files of any type occupy the valuable space on your hard disk. Some times we have some duplicate files and some old files on your hard disk which are no longer required. We should remove such files and free space. Some helpful software are also available for example with the help of SpaceSniffer and Windirtstate you can find the size of files and space occupied by them on your hard drive. In Mac computers running on OS X you can easily find Program, Apps, DVD Drive, Files, Folders disk space etc.

Defrag your Hard Drive frequently to Improve Computer Performance

Disk defragmentation is so important that you can be surprised of its results but unfortunately this task is the most neglected or ignored by users. In fact disk defragmentation arrange the data in a way to make the computer’s access easy to them which increases the speed. While creating or deleting the files data are divided in fragments instead of keeping them together and our system takes time to locate them. Defragmentation rearranges all such data and free up space.


Always avoid Auto Run Program in your system

Many of the program run automatically while you boot your PC. You can easily stop such program. In windows you can use windows task manager, or you can use the free tool Autorun Exterminator.  In MAC go to system preferences, choose users and groups and click the program to stop.

Use Web applications to save space and run the computer fast

Everything you need is available online. Software will work in your web browser. A number of useful software are available on line at Google Document, Microsoft Office online, Adobe Buzzword , Joho etc and you need not to install  them on your hard drive. These are very easy to use and don’t occupy space on your hard drive.

Remove Virus and Malware from your Computer to enhance speed

If you want to work your computer well keep it always clean of virus and malware. Some of the users are of the opinion that antivirus software are memory as well as power consuming and computer can run without such a software. Some options like a software restriction policy, running windows in a standard account instead of an administrators account may prove helpful but antivirus software is a must. Now antivirus software vendors have developed low memory consuming software. There are a number of antivirus  such as Norton, Avast, mCafee etc. The last is large and you can choose one of your choice.

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