Windows -Tips to improve boot time, speed and General performance

Windows 7-Tips to improve boot time, speed and General performance

Though Microsoft Corporation has release two new versions of windows the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and the recent version Windows 10 after the release of Windows 7, but they could not affect the popularity of Windows 7. Windows 7 is still very popular and being used by millions of users worldwide. Sometimes we see that our Windows 7 is taking long time to boot, or running unusually slow or having some other performance issue. Below are some tips which may prove beneficial to solve the issues. Some of the tips given below are helpful not only in Windows 7 but in almost all versions of Windows.

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Remove the bloat ware from your hard disk to enhance performance

We have a number of software installed on our hard drive and some of them may no longer be useful for us. Such software occupy our disk space and Ram and called the bloat ware. Such software are useless and must be removed to enhance the computer performance.

Limit your startup process to enhance performance

Click start write ‘msconfig’, the ‘msconfig.exe’ will appear and click on it. Now the system configuration dialogue box will appear. Check the list and identify the unnecessary applications and remove from the start up.

Increase the Ram of your system to enhance performance

RAM of your system has direct impact on the performance of your system therefore always keep adequate RAM installed and increase if necessary.

Clean up your Hard Disk to enhance performance

The disk clean up will remove the unwanted junk as temporary files, installer files, offline web pages. To remove these from your PC. Click start>All Programs>Accessories>Disk Cleanup and select drive. Details of data which can be removed will be displayed as shown below –

Now check them and Click OK.

Keep your system clean from virus and malware to enhance performance

Virus and malware are a great danger to your system. They can not only effect your computer adversely but can totally spoil your system, even make it irreparable or unrecoverable. Therefore always remain alert about virus and malware. You can run windows inbuilt software ‘Windows Defender’ or install a reliable antivirus software. If you don’t want to pay for an antivirus software some good free antivirus are available on the web.

Use the windows find and fix problems feature to find and fix performance issues


To use windows Use the windows find and fix problems feature click start, click control panel, click find and fix problems, now run the trouble shooter and fixed the issues if any.

Change the power setting of your computer to enhance performance

Though this setting may affect your power consumption but will boost your computer performance which is more important. To change the power setting of your click start, click control panel, click system and security, click power options, click create a power plan in the left panel and choose high performance.

Frequently defrag your hard drive for better performance

Your computer stores data on your hard drive wherever the space is available, irrespective of the factor that weather it is contiguous or not. This is called the fragmented data and we have to rearrange them. The process of rearranging the fragmented data is called disk defragmentation. Windows 7 has an in-built defrag software which provides auto scheduling defragmentation. To auto schedule click start write ‘defrag’ in search box and click ‘Disk Defragmenter’, click ‘configure schedule’ and set your automatic defragment schedule

Turn off unwanted desktop gadgets for better performance

Turning the unwanted desktop gadgets may also improve the performance of your PC. Click start, type ‘gadgets’ in the search box, click ‘view list of running gadgets’ and turn by turn click remove to shut down the unwanted gadgets.

Set a solid color desktop background to improve performance

The desktop back ground occupy RAM and more beautiful colors will occupy more RAM. Choosing a solid Color will slightly free up some memory, thus in hence the performance slightly.

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