What is a prepaid card and how can you get it from a bank

What is a prepaid card and how can you get it from a bank-All the banks issue three types of cards. The Debit cards, Credit cards and Prepaid cards. All the three cards work at all the ATM booths in the country irrespective of the bank to which it belongs, however if a card used at other bank’s ATM both the owner bank of the ATM booth may charge a certain fee. If the card is an international card or a global card it will work worldwide.


What is a prepaid card and how can you get it from a bank

The cards held by most of people called ATM Card is in fact a debit card. Prepaid cards also work like an ordinary debit card. You can withdraw money, use it for online shopping and other payments. You can get prepaid cards from a bank even not having an account there. Just arrange funds, go to the bank, fill a simple form, prove your identity and get the card.


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Who can purchase a prepaid card

Any citizen having a valid identity can get the prepaid card.

Where can a prepaid card be purchased

A prepaid card can be purchased at any branch/office of a bank. It can also be purchased even online. However, a global or international prepaid can be purchased from a bank having business globally.

How to purchase a prepaid card

For getting a prepaid card you need not to have an account at the bank from which you want to purchase the prepaid card but you must have a valid proof of your identity. Go to the nearest branch/office of the bank. You will be required to fill a form and attach the proof of identity and deposit the funds. You can transfer funds to your prepaid if you have an account with that bank. You can transfer funds even online. 


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You will be charged the prescribed fees and then you will be issued the prepaid card and its PIN. You must change the PIN at first use. Unlike normal debit cards, the prepaid cards have a specific validity after the expiry of which it will be invalid.

Safety measures of a prepaid card

Safety measures of a prepaid card are similar to those of credit cards and debit cards like keep it in safe cuctody, never share its details like card number, PIN with any body and immediately report the loss or any other unusual occurance to the bank immediately.

Usage of Prepaid card

Usage of prepaid cards are similar to all other cards like credit cards and debit cards. Like credit card and debit cards you can use prepaid cards for withdrawing money, making online payments, balance enquiry online shopping.


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