WTF-youtube-AVirus on Facebook, Precautions and removal

WTF-youtube-AVirus on Facebook, Precautions and removal-While we say “facebook” an image of of a website appears in our mind that is one of the most popular website of the world with an ultra strong uncrackable data security. But do you know, that this ultra secure firewall has been cracked by the cyber criminals. Users take this site as very reliable and click the links provided, without thinking any thing but this practice has placed them in serious troubles many times. Though this is not done by the facebook team, but certainly they are responsible for the security of their users. In this case, it was a fact that the culprits were using facebook as a platform of spreading the malware.
WTF-youtube-AVirus on Facebook, 

How the virus WTF-youtube works

You may receive a message from one of your facebook friends. The message will say that a video has been created about you and has been uploaded to youtube and a link will be provided. As youtube and facebook both the websites are quite reliable so the users don’t hesitate to click the link. If you click the link your computer will be infected with a quick spreading virus. This virus will infect the systems of your face book friends also. The criminals use it very cunningly. The message will bear your facebook image. Thus the user believes it completely because, both the sites youtube and facebook are quite trusted and as it bears your image thus the source is also undoubted. As every thing is reliable, you will be quite anxious to click the link to watch the video. On clicking the link you will be redirected to a page exactly looking like the youtube page. Here you will be asked to download a browser extension to view the video. Every thing is alright sofar but as you click the ‘install’ button it proves to be a trouble button.

This is not the end of the trouble. Soon after the virus “WTF-Youtube” got installed on your facebook account, the virus enters another account, then another and continue to create circles and send similsr messages. This will be an end less process and more and more peole will get infected.

Precautions against the virus wtf-youtube

The face has also become alert and sends advise to users not to click any such link but we must also be very carefull. You must always have a reliable antivirus duly updated on your computer. If you are already infected, delete your infected browser and reinstall it.

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