Most useful Apps for Android Devices

Most useful Apps for Android Devices-At present android is very popular and its popularity is growing more and more.  We can add many more features to our Android device by installing apps. Approximately 100000 apps(Free or premium) are available on Google Play Store out of which at least  90 out of hundred are useful. Android app store also available at websites other than Google but Google play store is a place to be believed safe and secure. 

Most useful Apps for Android Devices


The feature of the nature that one feature may attract some one but others may not like it.  The Android apps given below are liked and and installed by a large number of users


Google Translate is a free app available at Google Play store. It supports more than 90 languages. It accepts text input, your camera or even hand written text. You can use it offline too.


This VLC media player supports all local Audio and Video files as well as network streams. A media library for Video and Audio files is associated with VLC Media Player for Android which allows users to browse folders. It supports subtitles and multi-track audio, auto rotation, aspect ratio adjustments and gestures.



The free App Dropbox is easiest to use where you can save your files photos videos without occupying any space on your instrument. You can save your emails straight to drop box and you can access from any where even on the go. While you save any thing to your dropbox it will be automatically saved to the Dropbox website, all your computers and Android devices. Your data are safe even your computer crashed or you have lost your android device.

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This free App is very useful for those who are fitness conscious, It tracks all your workout like cycling speed and distance, running speed and distance and walking speeds, calorie burns for the fitness activities in real time. It integrates automatically with your android device’s music app if you run listening music. The heart rate monitor monitors your heart rate to keep you in safe heart rate zone.

This free app allows you to download or upload data from your tablet to your smart phone or from your smart phone to your tablet over a wireless network. It allows access to external storage devices and SD cards. It works in hopspot mode.


With the help of this app you can schedule a Fake phone call or a Fake SMS from another number to your phone number. You can set any number and any time. This some times saves you from an uncomfortable situation. You can also set a fake photo of the caller from your gallery. As such you can claim to tackle the situation on the basis of the fake phone call or the fake SMS.

This free app has more than 100 million installations in 200 countries to its credit. It scans, sync, collaborate and store contents across computers, tabs and smartphones. You can scan notes using the camera of your android device and the app automatically will make them sharp and clear to be shared.

This app is very useful to keep updated with news and follow topics and stories. It creates your personal magazine and add new topics to it. You can read publications like The Guardian, The Financial Times, The telegraph etc. and connect social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and many more.

More than 250 million people use this free App. It uses artificial intelligence and automatically reads your writing style. The Emoji keyboard learns and predicts your emotions. It supports more than 80 languages. The auto correct feature of it perfectly works. Emoji is supported by Android 4.1 and later versions only.

This app is a comprehensive photo editor. It has very attractive features like color balance, Photo effects, brightness, color, contrast and temperature adjustment, Focus adjustment.


The app Retrica has more than 100 million photos per day worldwide to its credit. To make your Photos more attractive it is also available with trendy logos. An option to add a watermark is available. More than 100 filters are available to remember the photographs.

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